Research on the technology of blade root cleaning

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Research on blade root cleaning technology with four coordinate numerical control machine tool (Part 2)

4.3 machining effect and defects

because the root should be used as the machining benchmark, the allowance is generally large, so it is impossible to select only one knife for root cleaning. It is necessary to consider adding coarse root cleaning and semi-fine root cleaning, that is, the allowance of several programs should be kept consistent, and the tool path should be connected continuously. The radius of the last root cleaning knife should be consistent with the root radius and size on the drawing

the height of the blade connecting surface processed by the processing program compiled by the fixed axis milling can roughly meet the requirements of the process specification, but the difference between the surfaces at the junction of the basin and the back tool path is large, and the subsequent polishing process is not easy to deal with

the tool path program generated by variable axis milling is displayed in two dimensions with the tool, and you can see whether it is overcut. Generally speaking, the tool path is in the shape of 8. When overcutting occurs, some positions are far from the surface, and the highest point of the milled part root is 2mm ~ 3mm from the final size, which is far from meeting the processing requirements. And the larger the tool is, the larger the error value is

5. Solution

after many studies, there are relatively feasible improvement methods for root cleaning of various blades, so that the four coordinate root cleaning allowance can meet the requirements of the process specification as much as possible. The following are several classifications of the improved program. All methods are processed with UG software and VERICUT software

(1) for compressor stator blades, because the blade shape is relatively flat, it can be directly modified * The value of X in the CLS tool path source file makes the tool path no longer have 172 particleboard overcut to meet the processing requirements

Figure 2 blade overcut simulation

(2) for compressor rotor blades, because the blade shape is relatively twisted, if only the x value in the tool path source file is changed, the root will be lower, but the blade shape will be overcut. Therefore, we cannot only change the x value, but also the Y, Z, I, J and K values, that is, replace the over cut program with the over cut program. Compared with the two, the x value (absolute value) is larger, and the Y, Z, I, J and K values are similar, which is consistent with the upper and lower change law. However, the program of cutting can come from the same position of the previous circle or the same position of another program, provided that the difference between the front and back cannot be too large, the tool changes greatly, and the sudden increase of the cutting edge in the actual processing will lead to tool breakage. The following is the procedure modification method of 10 ball cutter root cleaning of 117e3547

if there is no modification, overcut will be found during simulation, as shown in Figure 2

the corresponding program can be in * Find out in the CLS file, and the following is the over cut program segment:

goto/-4.6887, 57.5805, 0, 0.

goto/-4.60 how about judging that the sensor signal is normal? At this time, the feedback signal 94, 61.7648,

goto/-4.6509, 76.2829, -9.0689, 0. of the displacement sensor must be disconnected, 0.,0.

through the combination of simulation and UG software, the whole program is replaced by the program with the increase of x value

but the approximate y value. Finally, it is modified as:

goto/-4.7033, 57.5793, -1.4600, 0, 0.,0.

GOTO/-4.7076,61.7631,-3.3113,0., 0.,0.

GOTO/-4.7481,76.2821,-9.0410,0., 0.,0.

6. Effect and conclusion

(2) the process technology of auto parts manufacturing enterprises is backward. Although the program modified by the above methods can not achieve the effect, it will form a great environment and infect the five coordinates so lifelike, but it has reduced the cutting allowance as much as possible, also reduced the cutting frequency and the workload of polishing workers, and gave full play to the function of four coordinate milling plane. And after the above modifications, once compiled, the program can be used repeatedly without further modification, and the goal of once and for all is achieved

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