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Pocket reasonable the smallest excavator in the world

when you mention an excavator, you must think of the behemoth on the side of the road. How small is the smallest excavator in this behemoth? Everyone has been curious about this. For this reason, here is a small excavator with the smallest Hill tripod for 5 experimental stress control ranges (n/mm2) 1 (6) 0

sd09 excavator:

1 The chassis of the whole machine is lengthened by 15 cm, the main parts of the structural parts are reinforced, the weight of the whole machine is increased by 100 kg, and the stability is greatly improved

2: the displacement of the walking motor is increased, the internal leakage is reduced, the torque is increased, and the phenomenon of weak climbing and turning in situ is solved

3: the improvement of the engine reduces the speed (3300~3000 RPM), increases the torque, alleviates the continuous increase of oil temperature, and improves the excavation strength

this product not only has the function of digging harmful materials in the standard small 344 wallpaper, but also has the boom deflection mechanism that the standard small digging does not have. At the same time, this product has excellent handling performance, high micro motion performance, coordinated and soft compound action, and small impact. High quality hydraulic components not only improve the control performance of the whole machine, but also greatly reduce the failure rate of the machine

the development of small excavators conforms to Shanding's globalization strategy and will contribute to further expanding the market, improving the product type spectrum and increasing the profit growth point of the company

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