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Like! Lifting the wire by hand for nearly half an hour, Jingzhou reappears "brother lifting"

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at about 17:00 p.m. on July 4, the 11th squadron of the third brigade received the dispatch of the command center: during the construction of a excavator at the intersection of Qunli Avenue, Dongfang avenue under the jurisdiction, a fiber-optic cable across Dongfang Avenue was broken, causing the fiber-optic cable to fall off, and a motorcycle driver who passed through the higher degree of correlation was just hit by the wire and injured his head

after receiving the alarm, the police of the 11th squadron quickly arrived at the scene and found that the motorcycle driver was injured after being hit by a wire on the head, which was not serious, and the Dongfang Avenue was seriously blocked due to the wire falling off

the police immediately organized and directed the on-site traffic after quickly notifying the 120 emergency center to pick up the injured on the scene

in the process of dredging the on-site traffic, Yang Yong, an auxiliary policeman of the 11th Squadron, did not hesitate to stop a van on the scene, climbed onto the top of the van first, and lifted the wire with his bare hands, so that the passing vehicles could pass smoothly with the help of the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry. Other policemen quickly dredged the on-site vehicles and instructed the excavator driver involved to quickly lift the wires with the excavator lifting arm. If the operation is improper, the Dongfang Avenue will be unblocked after nearly half an hour of on-site dredging

when entering the field of high-performance engineering materials, the traffic police recklessly lifted the cable to keep it unblocked, which was unanimously praised by the people on site. Praise positive energy


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