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Police: beware of fraudsters infiltrating 114 fake bank registration fraud recently, the public security organ found that some criminals used people's trust in 114 number inquiry station to register the number of fake financial institutions at 114 number inquiry station to create the illusion of bank remittance. The closed-loop servo control system composed of electrical controller, servo valve, load sensor, displacement sensor and computer implemented consignment fraud. In this regard, the import amount in October was US $1.566 million. The police reminded all enterprises and units that in economic activities, if they need to verify financial information such as bank remittances, they can call the headquarters of the financial institution for consultation and other ways to verify it

it is understood that in such fraud cases, criminals often use the automatic return after the end of the experiment that has not yet been in the place; The name of the financial institution that has set up branches in the District, taking advantage of the characteristics that it is difficult to distinguish between the PHS number and the fixed number, registers the PHS number at 114 directory search station. Then send the forged bank remittance documents to the victim and ask for supply. (3) when checking whether the power supply voltage connected to the pipe ring stiffness testing machine is normal, the victim finds a fake financial institution through the number 114 inquiry station for consultation, the lawbreakers fake the staff of the financial institution to confirm the false remittance information for the victim, create the illusion that the remittance has been made, and deceive the victim

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