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"Iron man with severed fingers" Wang Shangdian: work is an attitude. The bottom line is as high as the quality.

Abstract: during his work, Wang Shangdian actively participated in the famous teacher apprenticeship activities organized by the company, and has formed apprenticeship pairs with many young workers in the workshop. He has won the title of "excellent 5. Aromatic ketone polymer: including peek, peek, peek show apprenticeship" for many times, His apprentice has also won the title of excellent player in the skill competition organized by the company for many times

"from love, from harvest, from pursuit, from, let me make great strides in the pursuit of craftsman spirit, more than ten years is far from enough." Wang Shangdian said so

20 just close the oil delivery valve for 12 years, and Wang Shangdian won the national "May Day" labor medal

he was assigned to the metalworking workshop of Jinxi Petrochemical Machinery Plant in October 2000. In the past 17 years, Wang Shangdian has firmly followed the path of skilled workers. From an ordinary worker of Jinxi Petrochemical Company to the winner of the national "May Day" labor medal, Wang Shangdian has always struggled in the front line of production

Wang Shangdian is making workpieces

I have been in the industry for 17 years, and everything is because of my love for

"when I first came into contact with the lathe during my cognitive internship, I saw that hard steel can be made into various shapes on the lathe, and it was bright, which attracted me at once. The sense of achievement that parts were born in my own hands fascinated me deeply." This is the driving force for Wang Shangdian to study lathe workers crazily in his early days. "In fact, I was lucky to be selected by the lathe." From Wang Shangdian's words, we can feel his heartfelt love for turning technology

after graduating from the technical school, Wang Shangdian was assigned to study as a lathe worker under the door of the national model worker Zhang Ruizhuo. Zhang Ruizhuo's first impression of Wang Shangdian was that he had a strong understanding and was transparent. In half a day, Wang Shangdian learned the basic skills of sharpening knives and measuring ruler

and then something happened that made Zhang Ruizhuo sure that Wang Shangdian was a plastic talent

in 1999, the winter when Wang Shangdian graduated, Zhang Ruizhuo met Wang Shangdian, who was covered in oil and his eyes were red, on his way to work. It turned out that after his internship in the machinery factory of Jinxi Petrochemical Company, Wang Shangdian took advantage of his vacation to find a job as a lathe worker in a small factory. The work in this factory is very heavy, and he often needs to work night shifts

"nothing else, just don't want to stay for a long time, let the hand give birth." Wang Shangdian explained

it was this sentence that made Zhang Ruizhuo decide to accept this apprentice

insiders know that the technical requirements of lathe workers are extremely high. However, for Wang Shangdian, it took only three years from practicing lathe in 1998 to mastering lathe technology flexibly. From the small lathe of CA6140 to the large vertical lathe with a processing diameter of 5 meters, he can operate all lathes in the machinery factory freely and skillfully process workpieces that meet the process requirements according to the drawings

in 2001, Wang Shangdian, who worked for only one year, won his first first first place in the vehicle industry competition of Jinxi Petrochemical Company for three consecutive years

in 2004, Wang Shangdian, on behalf of Jinxi Petrochemical Company, participated in the employee vocational skills competition held by China National Petroleum Corporation and won the second place. Later, on behalf of PetroChina, he participated in the national vocational skills competition for employees of central enterprises and won the silver medal at one stroke

due to his excellent performance, excellent technology, hard work and solving a series of production problems, Wang Shangdian was established as a young model of "studying technology and loving his job" by the company, and was successively awarded the honorary title of labor model and technical expert by Jinxi Petrochemical and PetroChina

"so far, my life has reached a peak." Wang Shangdian said

Wang Shangdian is making workpieces

there is no desperate situation, only those who are desperate for the situation

however, Wang Shangdian's life trajectory took a major turn in 2005, which was a disaster enough to destroy the career of a skilled worker

in a processing accident, Wang Shangdian's right thumb was smashed and broken, which was rated as grade 6 disability. He could only transplant the second toe of his left foot to his hand. This accident has a great impact on Wang Shangdian, who eats by hand. Without a dexterous right hand, it is difficult to hold a spoon and chopsticks, not to mention exquisite workpieces

"I'm afraid that my future road will be so 'broken', that I'm afraid of looking at the eyes of my master and family, and that I'll never go out again. At that time, my child was only two months old, and I kept asking myself how to support this family in the future..." for Wang Shangdian, there is an unknown road ahead, confused and desperate, On the hospital bed, he fell into a great pain that a fixture was stationary. The outline of the indentation in the single crystal was mainly composed of the intersection of the indenter and the uplift line of the displacement material around the indentation

"fortunately, the whole world has not given up on me." Wang Shangdian said

during the injury, the care of the company and his family made Wang Shangdian realize that he could not continue to be depressed

"after a period of adjustment, I figured out that what I should face is still to face, and what I need to carry is to carry! I must take a proactive attitude! If I drag on, not only will I collapse, but also my home will collapse. If I want to stop those who care about me from worrying about me, the only thing I can do is to build my confidence and stand up again." Wang Shangdian said to

after leaving the hospital, Wang Shangdian began to try to practice his right hand. From the most basic, even a simple action should be practiced repeatedly

"because nerves and muscles are newly connected, novice fingers can't move like my body." Wang Shangdian's first task is to slowly train the sensitivity of his fingers

"I hold my right hand, but often I can only stare at my fingers. Even if I am sweating, my fingers are still motionless." Wang Shangdian said. Even so, he didn't give up. After exercising day after day, two months later, Wang Shangdian was finally able to move his injured finger under his control. After that, he began to practice pinching peanuts with chopsticks, from one plate to another, and then back. "Every simple action is a great success for me." Wang Shangdian said

considering Wang Shangdian's physical condition, the workshop prepared to send him to a post with low technical content and low labor intensity, but he refused. "I'm not willing to fall down like this. If I don't fight once, I'm afraid I'll regret it all my life. Even if I fail, I have no regrets." With such perseverance and perseverance, Wang Shangdian returned to his beloved position as a lathe worker again

in 2017, Wang Shangdian won the honorary title of young pioneer of central enterprises

enthusiasm inspires struggle, and struggle to smooth mountains

Wang Shangdian still remembers the complex mood when returning to the lathe. He has the anxiety caused by lack of confidence, but more is the joy of successfully making a workpiece

"my hand is injured, but my brain is not injured. I have much to do." Adhering to this belief, Wang Shangdian, who returned to work, took every production task more seriously and studied every processing plan carefully

during this period, he participated in the whole process of the company's special gasket research work, designed and sorted out the data of a complete set of special gasket processing jigs, designed and manufactured various tooling fixtures for large workpieces, and summarized a number of work experience to share with colleagues

among them, the method of quickly adjusting the taper error of high-precision large-scale workpiece summarized by Wang Shangdian solves the problem of time-consuming to adjust the taper error of large-scale workpiece. After the promotion of this method in the company, similar problems have been solved quickly, greatly reducing the adjustment time, especially playing an important role in rush repair, and winning valuable time for production

"work is an attitude, and the quality is as high as the bottom line." This is Wang Shangdian's understanding and interpretation of craftsman spirit

since 2006, Wang Shangdian has been employed as a skill expert of China Petroleum vehicle industry for four consecutive times

on August 6, 2012, after layers of selection in Huludao City and Liaoning Province, Wang Shangdian passed all the way and took part in the fourth national workers' vocational skills competition with the first place in the provincial competition, defeated many domestic industry experts and stood on the podium of the champion of lathe workers

"master not only taught me superb skills, but also taught me his spirit of dedication to the enterprise regardless of personal gains and losses, which made me full of enthusiasm for the lathe workers and grateful to the enterprise." After more than ten years, Wang Shangdian kept his original intention unchanged and always kept master's teachings in mind

during his work, Wang Shangdian actively participated in the famous teacher and apprentice activities organized by the company. He has formed teacher and apprentice pairs with many young workers in the workshop, and has won the title of "excellent teacher and apprentice" of the company for many times. His apprentice has also won the title of excellent player in the skill competition organized by the company for many times

"my technical level still has a lot of room to improve. In the national competition, I saw many industry elites. Their technology and the spirit of hard study are examples for me to learn. I want to ask myself with the spirit of craftsmanship, roll up my sleeves and work hard for made in China 2025!" Wang Shangdian has higher expectations for himself in the future

"in life, my family has always been proud of me, and my son regards me as his example. I also want to treat my family with enthusiasm for work and be a good son, husband and father." Wang Shangdian said

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