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It directly refers to how to implement the new deal to reduce the burden of the pain point of the wind power industry chain

from the 12 burden reduction measures of the national energy administration to the notice of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on adjusting the value-added tax rate, recently, a wave of policy dividends are pouring into renewable energy enterprises, including wind power enterprises

indemnificatory acquisition, clarifying the main body of project investment and construction, power market trading, reducing land and financing costs, preventing and correcting arbitrary charges... Each specific measure directly points to the pain points of the wind power industry chain. In the view of the industry, if these measures can be implemented, it will really reduce the investment and operation burden of wind power related enterprises and further promote the reduction of the cost of wind power

connect many joints

with the development of wind turbines towards large capacity, long blades and high towers, the contradiction of large-scale cargo transportation in the wind power industry has become increasingly prominent

as a service provider focusing on wind power transportation, a relevant person from Tianjin Yiqun logistics engineering management company told that the wind power industry often needs to solve the transportation of large-scale non detachable freight such as blades through out of gauge transportation. There are many problems in out of gauge transportation such as large cargo transportation, such as unclear license plate legal policy, difficult qualification application, difficult inter provincial transportation coordination, and many fines and chaos

the notice on matters related to reducing the burden of enterprises in the renewable energy field released by the National Energy Administration this time said that it would reduce the logistics costs of renewable energy projects. Encourage regional highway management institutions to strengthen the capacity-building of transportation management and service of large fan components, and improve the service level of administrative licensing of large cargo transportation

"if we can realize the standardized management of the transportation of large wind power components and eliminate unnecessary road toll, we will greatly reduce the logistics cost of wind power. The key is whether this measure can be implemented at the grass-roots level." Tianjin Yiqun logistics said

according to the three-year action plan of the Ministry of transport's "several opinions on promoting supply side structural reform and promoting cost reduction and efficiency increase in the logistics industry", by the end of 2017, we will achieve the processing and parallel approval of large cargo transportation licenses across provinces; By the end of 2018, the policy bottleneck of large cargo transportation was basically eliminated

it is a common practice in the wind power industry to provide warranty services and deposit warranty money. In order to ensure the quality of units, wind power developers usually let the manufacturer of wind power machines deposit about 10% of the sales. The warranty period is generally 3 to 5 years. After the warranty period, if the unit quality meets the contract requirements, the warranty deposit can be returned

the relevant person in charge of a wind turbine manufacturer told that the larger the installed capacity, the more quality assurance deposits were pledged. For machine manufacturers with a large market share, the quality assurance deposit can be as high as hundreds of millions of yuan. This affects the cash flow and capital chain of wind turbine enterprises, and is not conducive to the virtuous cycle of the whole industry. The change of this situation requires the transformation of the quality risk control mode of wind power equipment

the National Energy Administration's burden reduction measures mentioned that we should encourage the risk transfer role of insurance, promote the development of wind power equipment quality insurance, innovate the service mode of wind power equipment quality insurance, enrich quality insurance products, strengthen the quality monitoring and evaluation of wind power equipment and the construction of credit system, and encourage the replacement of wind power equipment quality deposit with wind power equipment quality insurance

in view of the widespread practice of changing resources for Industry in local governments, the notice on matters related to reducing the burden of enterprises in the renewable energy field also clearly stated that it would prevent and correct arbitrary charges and other increases in the burden of enterprises. It was found that polyaniline was evenly adsorbed on the surface of graphene. Renewable energy enterprises shall not be forced to invest in other local industrial projects while obtaining the qualification for project allocation

are tax incentives like chicken ribs

if reducing non-technical costs and optimizing the business environment brings good expectations, then reducing the tax rate brings immediate results

a person in charge of the wind farm project told that the construction of a 100000 kW wind farm requires an investment of about 700million yuan, with equipment investment accounting for slightly more than half, and it takes about 8 years to recover all the investment

according to the introduction, the taxes payable by the wind farm include value-added tax, sales tax, surcharges and income tax. Among them, the value-added tax rate is 17% before this adjustment, and the tax basis is power generation income (upper electricity price × Power on), this part of the tax is levied and refunded by 50%. Among the sales tax and surcharges, the wind power project shall be paid according to the urban maintenance and construction tax and education surcharges, and 5% and 3% of the value-added tax payable. The income tax rate is 25%, and the tax base is the annual amount of wind farm profits. Pay according to the policy of "three exemptions and three reductions" (exemption from enterprise income tax from the first year to the third year and reduction by half from the fourth year to the sixth year) for national key public facilities projects. If there is no profit in that year, it will not be levied

according to the notice of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on adjusting the value-added tax rate (CS [hydraulic universal testing machine 2018] No. 32), since May 1, taxpayers who have engaged in value-added tax taxable sales or imported goods, where the original 17% and 11% tax rates were applicable, the tax rates were adjusted to 16% and 10% respectively

based on the calculation of 50MW wind farm: the static unit kW investment is 7700 yuan, the full generating hour is 2000h, and the tariff is 0.57 yuan/kwh. After the adjustment of value-added tax, the internal rate of return increased from 8.2% to 8.82%

According to the analysis of Jipeng new energy, the wind power project has value-added tax in the purchase of equipment and the sale of electricity. The aspects affected by the adjustment of value-added tax include: the input tax in the purchase of equipment during the construction period is reduced, and the cost of construction materials is saved, resulting in a small decline in project investment; During the operation period, the cost of raw materials, fuel and power decreased, and the operating income increased (excluding tax and electricity price increased), resulting in a small increase in the overall income of the project. After the adjustment of value-added tax, the project income will increase slightly, and the main reason is the increase of after tax electricity price

however, a wind power enterprise related person said that the tax rate reduction is good for enterprises, but for the wind power industry, the biggest factor eroding the profits of wind power enterprises is to abandon wind power and limit power, rather than tax burden. If the problem of wind curtailment and power rationing is not solved, it may be difficult to reduce the burden of enterprises by reducing the tax rate

can the problem of wind abandonment be cured?

compared with other factors, the tax link has little impact on the profits of wind farms. "At present, the two decisive factors for the profits of wind farms are wind abandonment and electricity price." An insider said. It is understood that in areas with serious wind abandonment, the loss caused by wind abandonment of a wind farm can reach tens of millions a year

the notice on matters related to reducing the burden on enterprises in the renewable energy field reaffirms the strict implementation of the guaranteed purchase system for renewable energy power generation. Power enterprises should sign a merger agreement with project units that comply with the planning and annual construction scale (annual implementation plan) and that comply with national laws and regulations, with discriminatory terms that will increase by more than 53% in 2018, and promise to implement the guaranteed purchase policy according to the minimum guaranteed purchase hours set by the state for the installation of office2000 (for areas where the state has not approved the minimum guaranteed purchase hours, the power rejection rate should not exceed 5%), If it is temporarily difficult to do so due to technical conditions, it should meet the requirements of guaranteed acquisition by 2020 at the latest

in the view of many wind power enterprises, indemnificatory acquisition is not a new measure, and the key lies in whether it can be implemented

an embarrassing fact is that according to the renewable energy law, power enterprises that fail to complete the acquisition of renewable energy electricity in accordance with the provisions, causing economic losses to renewable energy power generation enterprises, should bear compensation. But so far, no household appliance enterprise has undertaken compensation for this

"therefore, we are cautiously optimistic about whether the notice can be more effective than the law." A person in charge of a wind power development enterprise said

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