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The poem is loud and clear, dedicated to the party! Sany sings the "song of construction machinery"

the poem is loud and clear to the party! Sany sings the "song of construction machinery" to pay attention to water and moisture resistance

information on Chinese construction machinery

What do excavators, cranes and concrete pump trucks look like in the poet's pen

on June 30, when the "July 1st" came, a large number of poets, critics and reciting artists gathered in Sany Heavy Industry Changsha Industrial Park. Together with the staff, they recited the industrial theme poems of Hunan poet Liang Eryuan with deep feelings, paying tribute to the great motherland and the party

Yan Fuchu, chairman of the Provincial Federation of literary and art circles, Yuan Jinhua, deputy secretary of the Party committee and director of Sany group, Chen Jing, director of the Party committee office, and others attended the event. Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, and Li Shaojun, editor in chief of poetry Journal of China Writers Association, a famous poet and critic, sent congratulatory messages for the poetry meeting

for the first time, Sany Heavy Industry has welcomed so many poets.

this recitation is the first professional Poetry Recitation on industrial subjects in China, the first special poetry recitation held by Hunan poets in private enterprises, and the first time Sany Heavy Industry has welcomed so many poets and writers

as we all know, Changsha is known as "the capital of media art" and "the capital of construction machinery". "Cultural Hunan army" and "engineering machinery Hunan army" are the two most eye-catching business cards of this star city

Liang Eryuan is the leader of Hunan poetry. His poetry collections "washing the moon" and "white horse in the mirror" have had a great impact on contemporary poetry and are known as "Liang Eryuan phenomenon". Since this year, he has created a large number of poems with the theme of construction machinery, and has won many national awards

the poetry recitation meeting is divided into chapters of "July 1st poem dedication", "national treasure" and "hometown feelings". During the period, the recitation guests and sany staff jointly appeared on the stage and performed 16 poems with both voice and emotion, which were loud and fascinating

Sany magic bean warehouse innovation center was selected by Liang Eryuan as the venue of the event. He said that when he heard the name "magic bean barn", he learned the meaning behind it and felt the cultural atmosphere. Poetry and recitation will blend here

this star lights up Sany people all the way

in the chapter of "poems on July 1st", the guests recited three poems, "love of sunflowers", "touching the motherland on a chip" and "ID card"

a thin chip lays out the rejuvenation of the Chinese dream; An ordinary ID card is full of patriotism of children. In the poet's pen, the poetic sentiment such as waterfalls surges...

the moon, wheat fields, nightingales, etc. have always been the images that poets are keen on, but the stupid and thick engineering machinery has always been difficult to get into the eyes of poets. The poet Liang Eryuan found his own way and invited all these products into his poems

in the chapter of "national treasures", the recitation guests performed 10 poems such as "excavator index", "olive branch delivery with long arm of pump truck", "performance art of crane", "welder's dream" and so on. This group of poems with unique topics recently won the second prize in the poetry essay competition of the poetry journal, which has a broad vision and poetic aspect

walk up and dig in the clouds

ancient dreams are dug out of silk, and ancient feelings are turned in the waves

express the index with the bookofsongs and pave the blueprint of longitude and latitude with the Analects

the raised head of the excavator shows the stubbornness of a territory

poets have a lot of connections with Sany. Lianyuan is the birthplace of liangeryuan and sany. Changsha is the second hometown of poet Liang Eryuan and the headquarters of today's Sany group

in the chapter of "hometown feelings", the guests recited three poems, "the star in Maotang", "climbing Yuelu Mountain" and "Lianshui feelings"

among them, "the star in Maotang" was specially created by Liang Eryuan for Sany group - "a star in the sky and a ding on the earth." Maotang is a small mountain village, but it is the real root of Sany people. Liang Wengen started from Maotang, walked out of Lianyuan, walked to Changsha, and went to the world. This star shines on Sany people all the way

wonderful words, beautiful recitation, and continuous applause. Life with poetry, life is more fruitful

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