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Recently, a number of residents near Dahua Yifang in the northern suburbs of Xi'an reported that there were seven telegraph poles planted on the road in front of their homes, each of which was no more than 100 meters apart, four of which stood in the middle of the road, two on the auxiliary road, and one in the roadside green belt, causing inconvenience to everyone. It can also be used for product quality geotextile testing machine specification introduction control

yesterday afternoon, I came to the road section that readers reported and saw why the "gauge distance" and "displacement" of the four electric poles were particularly eye-catching. Many car owners have to step on the brakes when passing here, because the electric pole is blocked on the road, causing many car owners to encounter blind spots when driving, and even fail to observe the road surface

Ms. Wang lives nearby. She told that she works the evening shift and gets off work after 10 o'clock every day. "I'm a novice. I'm afraid of driving at night, and I'm even more worried about accidents after passing through such a driveway." She said that these power poles were like "roadblocks", and they had to walk carefully every time for fear of accidentally hitting them. Most other residents in the same community also had this concern

"there are a lot of cars coming out and going in. If you encounter a polite driver, you will stop far away to observe and let the opposite car go first. However, if you encounter some unknown drivers, you will often get scratched." A staff member of a nearby school said that there was a telegraph pole blocking the road not far from the school gate, and students often go to and from school. 1.2.2 after the end of the experiment: if the fire supply was stopped for an hour, the sample was still burning, and the sound of sudden braking would be heard, "driving is like a driving test."

I saw that although the bottom ends of these poles were wrapped with yellow and black reflective strips about one meter high as tips, when I came closer, there were scratches in many places. At present, the matter has been reported to the relevant departments, which said that the transformation work will be completed within 30 days

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