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The tuyere has risen, and the sustainable development of AI education and training institutions needs him

AI + education has become one of the most eye-catching topics in the education industry this year

[the popularity of the application of the combination of education and artificial intelligence]

in the past two years, the AI education industry is in the early stage of development. Especially in 2018, the education industry ushered in the traditional tension experiment, which was generally equipped with hydraulic universal testing machine, and a small explosive rise period:

ape counseling received $120million in e-round financing in May

in June, palm connect home received more than 100 million yuan of c+ round financing

in July, fluent English obtained nearly US $100 million in round C financing

in August, vipkid received $200million in round D financing, and completed $150million in round C financing in the same month

in October, akaso foreign teachers received nearly 100 million yuan of b+ round financing, and the homework box received 200 million yuan of b+ round financing

in November, programming cat received 120million yuan of b-round financing, Yi education received 150million yuan of additional investment, and intelligent education received 200million yuan of b+ round financing

... It fully shows the substantial promotion of enterprise skills innovation ability, product development ability and manufacturing ability

in terms of educational training and guidance institutions, the biggest difference between intelligent education and training and guidance institutions and traditional education and training and guidance institutions at present is that AI system is the leading teaching, and human teachers are the auxiliary role. Using AI big data to help students find weak links in knowledge, it alleviates the problem of blindly brushing questions but unable to find problem points, so that students' learning efficiency becomes higher, and teachers' teaching quality becomes better, so as to be targeted Systematic personalized point-to-point learning to really improve performance

at present, this form has been accepted by teachers and parents

[students' behavior is not controlled, and there is a hidden danger of "falling" at the air outlet]

current AI education is the interaction of students, computers and teachers. Students are full of unknown curiosity about computers and Internet. During class, teachers can't take into account the activity status of each student at any time. There are no restrictions, and students will play games and browse entertainment stations in class. Bad advertising bullets in the browser are like traps waiting for ignorant students to click. Because students' behavior in each class is not controlled, half of their valuable learning time is lost. How to improve their academic performance

not only that, students continue to use computers, how to choose their own equipment, stare at computers in class to do exercises, and have a chance to relax after class, but more students choose to play computers for a while. Overuse of eyes can easily lead to myopia

in fact, most parents don't care about the form of education and counseling. What parents care about is how much the education and counseling institutions can improve students' grades, and at the same time, they care more about students' physical and mental health. The failure to control students' behavior leads to the occurrence of these situations, which is also a damage to the reputation and brand of intelligent education, training and guidance institutions. If the public praise is not well established, it is difficult for parents to continue to maintain their trust in AI education

[the above problems can be easily solved by Yunzi credible]

the principals of intelligent education training and guidance institutions are also very distressed. The headquarters has arranged the education system, venues, etc. properly, but did not guide the follow-up to sprinkle some stearic acid into the barrel, how to centrally manage computers and students' behavior. I don't know much about computer control. I can only search on the Internet by myself. I can find that most of them are control products with unsatisfactory functions, unsuitable deployment environment and expensive price

the Yunzi trusted terminal management independently developed by Qiming Xingchen provides applicable solutions for the two major pain points in the industry of intelligent education, training and guidance institutions, and easily solves the above problems:

first, the behavior management function has the behavior blacklist and whitelist modes. For intelligent education, training and guidance institutions, the behavior whitelist mode is more appropriate, Add the education and learning stations that you need to visit at ordinary times, and cloud trust can shield all other stations. Students can only visit learning stations in class, and are not allowed to visit all games, videos and social networking stations, so as to ensure the quality of learning during class. Secondly, the fixed time screen lock function can customize the screen lock time period according to the actual class time in the education and training institutions, and select the time interval that the student computer needs to lock the screen. During the lock screen time (i.e. after class), students cannot use the locked screen computer to ensure students' break time and give their eyes and bodies a chance to relax

finally, Yunzi trusted does not need to deploy servers and hardware. It can be controlled uniformly by installing the client on the student computer. It is simple to operate. It is a platform software that Xiaobai can get started quickly. Teachers don't need to worry about the difficulties of management and control

ai system positively helps students formulate personalized learning plans, Yunzi can reliably control students' behavior, laterally guarantee students' learning efficiency, protect students' eyesight, and help the sustainable development of intelligent training, education and counseling institutions. For details, see

AI education is still open, but how to grasp it depends on how each family lays out

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