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Podo selfie artifact liberates hands, compact appearance, 50g weight

now, a selfie artifact that can take selfies without hands is available again. With this podo, the selfie can also free your hands to pose all kinds of poses. The hottest topic these days should be the two sessions being held in Beijing. In addition to those proposals related to the country and people's livelihood, the big names of the participants, the bags in their hands, and even a smile have become the focus of attention. One of them is like this: Cui Yongyuan took a selfie in front of the venue with a selfie stick in his hand

Xiao Cui's seemingly avant-garde and fashionable behavior is actually out of season. Now, a selfie artifact that can take self photos without using both hands has come out again. With this podo, selfie can also free your hands, and you can't copy other people's poses

although the self timer can extend the arm length of the self timer to a certain extent, it can take beautiful self photos. But it has to be admitted that more and more public places have begun to prohibit the use of selfie poles. If this trend continues, I'm afraid the selfie pole will soon withdraw from the stage of history

now this Czarnecki says: "The new honeycomb core and organic plywood materials will have various advantages in reducing weight, reducing cost, improving performance and improving design flexibility. The small and mini remote control camera device podo was born, breaking through the arm length of the human body, and you can enjoy the fun of taking photos.

color appearance the first adhesive camera

this podo is a camera with a color coat and a mini and small figure. Its largest It is the world's first stickable camera. The back of podo is specially treated and equipped with countless small holes, which together can make podo stick very firmly. No matter on the wall, desktop or even ceramic tile, the demonstration can be operated as long as it is flat. It can even be rotated to provide customers with stable and high-quality products. The dynamic camera can also help the self timer adjust to the right angle

break through the arm limit and shoot as you want.

this podo has an 8 megapixel image sensor, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and an LED flash. It can be connected with smart through Bluetooth, and take photos through the supporting application. Users can choose to take photos, delay photos and take videos. At the same time, the photos or videos taken can also be immediately transmitted, so that they can be easily shared to social networks at any time. In addition, podo can be connected with IOS and Android systems, which is very convenient to use

more importantly, podo has broken through the limitation that the self timer rod needs to be grafted on the arm, completely breaking the limitation of the length of the human arm. In this way, photography has more possibilities and a wider range of applications

compact appearance 50g weight wherever you want

as mentioned earlier, this podo has a mini figure. In addition, the fuselage weighs only 50g, which is very light. It can be charged through USB cable. At present, the price of podo is $99 (about 620 yuan), and it is expected to be officially launched later this year

in a word, a small and cute podo is much more fashionable than taking photos everywhere with a selfie stick

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