The hottest November 16 ethylene glycol price line

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On November 16, the price of ethylene glycol of major domestic production enterprises was 15700, up 900

the price of Tianjin Petrochemical was 15700, up 900

the price of Beijing Orient was 15700, up 900

the price of Maoming Petrochemical was 14000, flat

the price of Jilin Petrochemical was 15420, flat

the price of Fushun Petrochemical is 15420, which is the same as that of universal material testing machine utilization industry: metal materials, aerospace, powder. In recent years, China's scientific and technological achievements continue to appear in metallurgy, magnetic materials, ceramic manufacturing, rubber and plastics, metrology and quality inspection, commodity inspection and arbitration, technical supervision departments, colleges and universities, scientific research laboratories, basic materials laboratories, metallurgical steel, machinery manufacturing, electronics and appliances, automobile production, textile and chemical fiber Therefore, wires and cables, packaging materials, food and instruments are expected to further improve their evaluation ability in terms of physical properties and chemical structures, including instruments, medical devices, petrochemical industry, civil nuclear energy, energy batteries, basic materials, special materials and other fields

the price of Shanghai Petrochemical was 15500, flat

the price of Yangzi Petrochemical was 15500, flat

BASF Yangzi's price was 15500, flat

laymen can't see whether it's good or bad

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