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Introducing virtual interlining technology into the contact center

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on November 2 (compiler/Lao Qin): interactions announced that the flight search engine will deploy the IVA solution of interactions

the process between them is very troublesome, and it is a user's process, and you have to pay a fixed amount of money to cancel it. This practice will make it easier and more efficient for busy travelers to manage ticket reservations around the world. Through this project, interactions has made a deep mark on the European market

help travelers use its unique virtual interlining technology to enable travelers to fly within the budget only when they are almost the same @11, test other groups of samples in sequence according to the above 4~9 items, and pre record the average value of the same sample. This technology allows customers to integrate flights from non cooperative airlines into a single trip

is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, with more than 50million search queries every day, 2million reservations every year, and 225000 updates per minute

in order to keep the interests of customers in mind, a scalable customer service solution is needed to meet the needs of callers, regardless of their accent


interactions combines artificial intelligence with human understanding, providing the best interaction between enterprises and customers. This means that customers can naturally communicate with IVA to effectively complete the tasks that require agents in the hydraulic transmission loading system

interactions will help customers make any kind of transaction after booking a flight -- from changing seats to adding luggage, and even adding pet partners

as consumers around the world realize that their travel goals are within reach, their business is growing rapidly, CMO Stephen Said Stephen Davis. Our vision is to make it convenient for everyone to travel

interactions' unique IVA solution means that we can support our customers, maintain brand influence, don't worry about misunderstandings from accents, and give them a very accurate customer experience when we meet their travel needs

through this project, interactions has also made an international expansion. Recently, the company opened its EMEA headquarters in Eastbourne terrace in Paddington, London, serving diversified enterprise groups in different industries, including communications, finance and banking, health care, insurance, retail, technology, tourism and hotels, utilities, etc

on the road of continuing its expansion, interactions is its strong partner. No matter where or at any time, we provide amazing support, Mike, CEO of interactions. Mike Iacobucci said

as interactions has established its influence in the market, we hope to help different enterprises in different industries and let their customers experience a competitive differentiated service

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