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Kirin will launch a new refreshing beer in Shanghai

relying on the existing leading enterprises and leading products in three major bases, Kirin Beer Company recently announced that it will cooperate with Australian Lion King beer and beverage company to launch a new beer brand "Kirin Qingchun" in Shanghai from February

"kylin Qingchun" is produced in the Suzhou factory of lion king company. Only the first wort is used, which maintains the freshness and refreshing taste of malt and is more suitable for the taste of white-collar workers. The price of a 650 ml bottle of beer is 3 to 4 yuan per bottle. It is adopted by many manufacturers. According to statistics, the annual consumption of beer in Shanghai is 430000 tons, with an annual growth rate of about 2%. At present, the joint venture "Suntory beer" has accounted for about 43% of the Shanghai market. To this end, Kirin Beer Company is catching up. It is expected that Japanese enterprises will compete more intensely for the Chinese market in the future

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