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The kitchen electricity market bucked the market trend and rose. The trend of high-end intelligence was obvious

in recent years, the scale of the kitchen electricity market has increased at a high speed of more than 30% per year. The trend of high-end intelligent kitchen appliances is obvious. Affected by the decline of economic growth, the policy of replacing old with new, and the policy of sending home appliances to the countryside, the domestic home appliance industry entered a short downturn in 2014. Data show that the total size of China's home appliance market in 2014 was 1159.6 billion yuan, a decrease of 4.8% over 2011. Among them, due to the impact of policy changes in the first half of 2014, the market decline was particularly obvious. Kitchen appliances is an exception, which not only makes professional manufacturers stable and rising, but also attracts traditional home appliance giants such as Hisense

in recent years, the scale of kitchen appliance market has increased at a high speed of more than 30% per year. The total output value of domestic kitchen appliance industry has exceeded 150billion yuan, becoming the pillar industry of household appliance industry. Insiders believe that in the next five years, the average annual compound growth rate of the domestic kitchen power industry will still exceed 15%

although the predicted growth rate has fallen, compared with the gradual growth of the color TV, refrigerator and washing machine market, the experimental requirements are stable and the penetration rate is close to saturation, this growth rate is still considerable. The reason why the kitchen electricity market attracts the traditional household appliance giants is undoubtedly that the kitchen electricity market is promising

in terms of product structure. Mature, growing and potential types constitute the current product structure of kitchen appliances in China. Among them, mature products such as range hoods, induction cookers and microwave ovens have developed for a long time in China, and the market scale has exceeded 10 billion yuan, becoming the main force in the kitchen electricity industry. Growth products have also developed rapidly in recent years. Soymilk machines, a typical representative, have maintained an ultra-high growth rate of more than 40% in recent years, and the market size has exceeded 10 billion. In recent years, potential products such as bread machines and noodle machines have also enjoyed a good momentum of development

in consumer demand. With the acceleration of urbanization in China and the change of residents' lifestyle, it will lay a good foundation for the future development of kitchen appliances. At the same time, the market of kitchen appliances in China is far from being effectively developed, and the popularity of kitchen appliances is obviously insufficient. Taking microwave ovens as the frequently used 5-gold cover, it is no longer enough to meet the extreme environment. The installation method and on-site environment do not meet the technical requirements of standard distance. Popularly speaking, the penetration rate in developed countries has exceeded 80%, while the penetration rate in large and medium-sized cities in mainland China is only 10%. The penetration rate of range hood in developed countries in Europe and the United States is 100%, while the penetration rate in large and medium-sized cities in mainland China is only 50%, and the penetration rate in rural markets is even less than 1%

in social structure. As the post-80s and post-90s generation in China gradually become the main group of social consumers, the consumption concept of consumers presents the characteristics of youth, branding, quality and so on, and the purchasing power is generally rising. Their acceptance of new kitchen electrical products will be higher, which is more conducive to the development of the kitchen electrical market

the high-end intelligent trend of kitchen appliances is obvious.

while kitchen appliances maintain a stable growth, with the deepening of household appliance industry upgrading and structural adjustment, the kitchen appliances industry will also show a high-end development trend. Data show that Chinese families' investment in kitchen and bathroom decoration continues to rise, and kitchen and bathroom appliances have become a very important part of home decoration. Therefore, high-end products with fashionable and avant-garde elements in appearance and beneficial to human health in performance will become the main force driving market growth

take the range hood as an example, its average price has risen from about 2000 yuan two years ago to about 4000 yuan collectively. Not only the price, but also kitchen electrical products are gradually approaching the development of intelligence. Previously, boss electric launched the first generation of intelligent high suction range hood, which is equipped with roki intelligent system, which allows users to directly control the range hood, while Fangtai also recently launched a new intelligent suite product. It can be predicted that the high-end trend of kitchen electricity market in 2015 will continue

in addition, with the implementation of many new regulations in the kitchen electrical industry, such as the implementation rules for the energy efficiency labeling of range hoods, the energy efficiency limit and energy efficiency grade of domestic gas stoves, energy efficiency thresholds will also be set for kitchen electrical products. Market orientation will be more biased towards technology-based enterprises that focus on research and development

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