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Knd CNC machine tool maintenance industry competitiveness

knd CNC machine tool maintenance industry competitiveness

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knd CNC machine tool maintenance industry competitiveness recorded in the nonvolatile memory such as the initial installation phase of the electrical angle; The alignment process ends. At this time, the motor axis has been oriented in the degree direction of the electrical angle phase, so the position detection value stored in the nonvolatile memory inside the driver corresponds to the degree phase of the electrical angle of the motor. After that, the drive will

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knd CNC machine tool maintenance automatic tool changing motorized spindle, denture processing motorized spindle, ultra-high gloss grinding motorized spindle, carving and milling motorized spindle. The products are widely used in various machining centers, five milling, advertising carving, mold processing and other machine tool industries. Professional FANUC accessories sales, FANUC CNC system maintenance, installation and maintenance, recycling, technical support and other one-stop services. Specializing in the sales and maintenance of FANUC systems and accessories in Beijing and Japan. Such as: system, server, amplifier, driver, motor, encoder, graphics card, motherboard, memory, board, handwheel, card, shaft card. Lingken automation Changzhou CNC system maintenance professional technology, which is strong, and how should we choose the company? It is undeniable that Changzhou has a unique advantage in the field of CNC machine tool maintenance to ensure that the broken sample and contact block are in good contact, because the development of Changzhou industrial control industry has driven the development of CNC machine tool maintenance market. At present, there are hundreds of CNC machine tool maintenance companies and enterprises in Changzhou. However, it is only those companies that can win with professional technology and service quality, among which Lingke Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a typical representative who can win with professional technology and service quality. Many users often don't know how to choose. Then which company and service organization in Changzhou CNC system maintenance professional technology is stronger than the one in Changzhou CNC system maintenance market

knd CNC machine tool maintenance industry competitiveness () when the frequency converter is controlled by signals, it is found that the current fluctuation at the power frequency input end of the fan is too large during stable operation, and the system monitors that the current waveform is jagged, with a variation range of about. Fault cause: due to the instability of the user signal source or the interference of the DC signal by external signals, the given frequency of the frequency converter is unstable, and the frequency converter is constantly adjusting the frequency, resulting in the continuous change of the input current at the power frequency end and large current fluctuation. The ultimate goal of Lingken automatic speed sensorless control is to estimate the motor speed, rotor flux and motor parameters at the same time. There are many estimation methods for motor speed and flux linkage. The observation and estimation methods based on ideal model include open-loop flux estimation and flux estimation with compensation, model reference adaptive method (), closed-loop observer method. How much power is the motor and power consumption? When the contactor is checked, it is found that a group of normally closed contacts have been welded to death by arc welding. The coil of the contactor is powered on, and the normally closed contact cannot be disconnected. Finally, it is found out how much the real fault point quantity is. If MDI is mainly used to produce hard bubbles, and the frequency converter is used to control the fan motor, then there is no need for the damper regulator, and the size of the air volume is only completed by adjusting the frequency of the frequency converter. If a small air volume is required, Just adjust the frequency to the left and right, so it will save energy? For motors that cannot be fully loaded, the effect of reducing the frequency of operation without frequent starting is still obvious. For example, constant pressure water supply is a good example. It is better to use it as an air conditioner. When it is turned on, it is controlled by temperature. Increase the frequency of operation, and the refrigeration is faster. When the cooling demand is small, the low-speed operation is maintained. The room temperature is more comfortable. It won't cause the room temperature to fluctuate from high to low after a while. In short, it can save electricity more reasonably. I remember years ago, the frequency converter was hyped as a power-saving device to sell. At that time, the price was super expensive, and many users installed it. As a result, the frequency converter has been used all the time, and it has been damaged, and the electricity bill can't be collected. The main function of frequency converter is speed regulation, and energy is conserved

knd CNC machine tool maintenance can't be tested here. It can only be checked the circuit board. After inspection, it is found that there is a problem with the current detection circuit. There is a group of voltage is wrong, and there is a voltage without starting operation. This is abnormal. After replacing the new components, power on the measurement, like other groups, there is almost no voltage. Then carefully check other parts of the circuit board, and no problem is found, so install the machine and go to the customer for test, There is no problem installing it on the equipment, it can operate normally and the maintenance is completed. A processing customer brought a Lipp series frequency converter, the model is:. The voltage is: Yes, the power is: Yes, it is used on the main shaft. There is a lot of oil in the frequency converter, which is dirty. It should be all from cutting fluid. So much oil on the surface of the frequency converter is certainly not good for the frequency converter. Like dust, it will affect the heat dissipation of the frequency converter, especially blocking the fan, and the radiator will also be piled with a pile of oil. At that time, Lingken automation only paid attention to the static state and ignored the dynamic state. There was an open circuit alarm in the control circuit, but it did not attract our sufficient attention. Therefore, we should list all the alarms and faults that have occurred, and make comprehensive judgment and screening by eliminating the false and preserving the true from the outside to the inside, predict the possibility of faults, and then eliminate them. "At the end of the mountain, there is no way out.

knd CNC machine tool maintenance Lingken automation high current continuous operation load fluctuation is very large, resulting in excessive surge current, poor cooling fan effect, resulting in high module temperature, resulting in module burnout, poor performance, parameter changes and other problems, resulting in abnormal inverter output. Control circuits such as frequency converter drive circuit, protection signal detection and processing circuit, pulse generation and signal processing circuit are called auxiliary power Road. After the auxiliary circuit fails, its failure causes are relatively complex. In addition to the failure treatment methods such as the loss of solidification program or the damage of integrated block, generally, the control board can only be replaced in a whole block or the integrated block can be replaced. Besides, the drive circuit is used to drive the inverter, which is also prone to failure. Generally, there are obvious signs of damage, such as bursting, discoloration, disconnection and other abnormal phenomena of device capacitance, resistance, triode and printed board, but there will be no complete damage to the driving circuit. The treatment method is generally to check according to the schematic diagram, or compare it with another authentic new drive board, and find the fault point step by step

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