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Application of Kingfisher video card in video data acquisition system

kingfisher video card can make it unfavorable to study the changes of surface organization structure in the process of friction and wear. Your existing Kingfisher RTU network or other SCADA communication network can increase the function of video transmission:

- use the existing SCADA Communication Network

- the camera can be triggered and controlled by event processing

- with time tag

- each side can be connected with 2 cameras

- simple Easy image management software

- support image classification and viewing

through the ladder diagram logic instruction in the RTU or kingfisher's image management application software, you can start the camera to take pictures on the scene, and hereby recruit the talent film of the experimental machine. A certain number of pictures can be stored in the memory of RTU first,

the storage format can be JPEG file. These files can then be downloaded to a personal computer. If you use Kingfisher image management application to download, you can view these pictures on this software. Alternatively, you can send the picture files to the remote control room or command station host through your existing Kingfisher RTU or SCADA network through serial port, radio, PSTN, GSM, GPRS, CDMA, etc

general indicators:

configuration software King her toolbox or image manager software

camera trigger start RTU ladder diagram logic or image manager software

image upload/view image manager software

maximum resolution pal 352 x 288 pixels (100k pixels)

color programming 16 bits/pixel - brightness and color difference

camera input 2

camera input socket type SMB fairness (on the video card)

camera input port 1 or 2 75 ohm integrated camera (Analog) * pal or NTSC system

the input signal is horizontal from 0.5vpp to 1.9vpp (peak), 1vpp

camera cable is recommended, including 2.5m rg179 video cable,

the end is a non sexual BNC interface connected to the camera

(the camera ensures all its rigidity; the image head end requires a public BNC interface)

rg-59: up to 100 meters/RG-6: up to 250 meters/rg-11: up to 400 meters

internal power consumption 500 MA (+5vdc from the backplane bus)

appearance style standard Kingfisher Series II daughter mother card

electronic parameters:

camera input impedance 75 ohms

camera input bandwidth (-3db) 7MHz normal

camera input minimum 0.5V, normal 1.0V, peak 1.9V

camera absolute limit input -0.7v minimum, 6.0V maximum

input current (internal +5v) 500 MA (normal)

environmental parameters:

operating temperature 0 ° C to 70 ° C

storage temperature 8. Low stiffness of pressure stabilizing spring of oil delivery valve or blockage of throttle needle cavity -40 ° C to 125 ° C

relative humidity 5 to 95% non condensing

image size:

large picture pal 352 x 288/NTSC 320 x 240 pixels

small picture pal 176 x 144/NTSC 160 x 120 pixels

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