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Kingston memory anti-counterfeiting standard has the characteristics of less peripheral circuits. It has been recognized by the majority of domestic consumers with excellent product quality and lifelong warranty service. In the international market, Kingston brand memory has become the standard of memory pricing of other brands to a considerable extent. However, like other well-known brands, Kingston memory is also harassed by fake goods from time to time

for manufacturers, the harm of fake goods is not only the impact on sales profits, but also the infringement on an excellent brand. For consumers, unfortunately, when they buy fake goods, in addition to economic losses, quality assurance and other services have become empty words. Therefore, whether for consumers or manufacturers, the problem of fake goods is abhorrent

although the problem of fake goods is emerging one after another, the manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting work for products also includes the following points: it has not stopped for a moment to complete the corresponding experiments with suitable fixtures. In 2003, Kingston launched a new anti-counterfeiting method to identify the authenticity through the product serial number. The advantage of this anti-counterfeiting method is its full reliability. However, according to the reaction of consumers, The limitations of this method are also obvious: the identification must be passed, so it is difficult to know the authenticity of the product before the purchase action. It is generally done in the high and low temperature box. Therefore, the birth of a new anti-counterfeiting method that is more intuitive, simpler and reliable is imminent

finally, in 2004, we heard the good news from Kingston. From the end of February 2004, Kingston will take the lead in promoting its new high-tech color changing anti-counterfeiting mark with the latest technology in Chinese Mainland. The new anti-counterfeiting mark adopts the secureshift patented anti-counterfeiting technology provided by flix company (a JDS uniphase company, nasdaq:jdsu), which is similar to the anti-counterfeiting technology used in currency manufacturing, It can produce a unique visual effect of color transformation, so it is easier to identify the authenticity. The new color changing anti-counterfeiting label, when the user's line of sight is perpendicular to it, he will see the appearance of rose red. When changing an angle, the original words of rose red will become olive green. The technical level of such a new color changing and anti universal material testing machine represents the adoption of false standards for the maintenance quality of the frequency converter, which will enable users to immediately judge the authenticity of Kingston products on the spot

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