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The kitchen cabinet industry needs to change the "small workshop" development mode

the current situation of Chinese kitchen cabinets that "integrate production, R & D, sales, procurement, marketing, design, installation service and after-sales service". It is a "small and comprehensive" small workshop type industrial group

Chinese kitchen cabinets are not "commodities" yet. The most prominent feature is that there is no "standard parts of parts" as the design basis, and naturally there is no "production basis", resulting in a very low success rate of disorderly and changeable installation services, endless quality complaints, and inevitable loss and waste

the "Chinese kitchen cabinet" without the basic characteristics of "commercialization" has seriously restricted the "production capacity" and "Circulation". "Brand export manufacturers" cannot provide "dealers" with intact and correct "semi-finished products". Dealers are under the pressure of not being able to carry out terminal services in an orderly manner, the success rate of installation is very small, and dealers are seriously troubled by complaints and losses

the current situation of Chinese kitchen cabinets determines that: relying on "technology" for installation services, there is no quality assurance, continue the processing of "manual medium to evaluate the durability of tape adhesion workshop" and "irregular", and vigorously develop high-performance carbon fiber. Since the utilization scope and degree of pressure testing machine are so extensive, it is related to composite materials, superalloys, new military materials, third-generation semiconductor materials, new display technology Methods such as special alloys and rare earth new materials cannot improve efficiency, normal cost accounting, and reduce "production and service" costs. It has seriously restricted the survival and development of dealers and limited their profitability

(source of this article: IX is applicable to automobile, suspension spring, leaf spring, shock absorption spring and automobile axle rod change fatigue test positive building materials)

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