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Kingdee software cost management CSR group case

at 10 a.m. on December 20, 2006, at the trading hall of the stock exchange of Hong Kong, the generation of friction and wear of CSR Zhuzhou, a subsidiary of CSR group, times Electric Co., Ltd. was officially listed for trading, becoming the first overseas listed enterprise in China's rail transit manufacturing industry

on the same day, the shares of CSR times electric opened at 7.6 yuan. In only 20 minutes, the share price climbed all the way to HK $8.6 per share, and finally closed at 9.21, an increase of 73.8%. Many investment institutions said, "what they value is the acceleration of China's railway reform process, especially the rapid improvement of equipment manufacturing level and enterprise management ability."

as one of the top two in China's locomotive and rolling stock industry, CSR group has ranked first in the world in the output of electric locomotives in recent three years. The output of diesel locomotives has reached the second in the world in 2004. The output of railway passenger cars and freight cars has entered the top five in the world. At the same time, it is also the leader of the domestic railway vehicle repair industry. In recent years, CSR group has overcome the adverse effects of various cost factors, such as the rise in raw materials, energy shortages, and human resource costs, through scientific management methods, and achieved steady growth in sales revenue and profits. In 2005, the sales revenue increased by 23% over the previous year, and the total profit was 164 million yuan, ensuring the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets

"in 2006, based on the early informatization work, we took 'cost digitization' as the focus of promotion, and achieved very good phased results." According to Wang Yan, deputy chief accountant of CSR group and Minister of finance department, CSR group issued the notice on promoting the digitalization of cost management of the group company at the end of July 2006. Through the digitalization of cost, the group has greatly improved the cost management level of CSR group

on December 22, 2006, CSR group held a cost system acceptance summary meeting in the headquarters building. The cost management systems of 11 subordinate enterprises from all over the country successfully passed the acceptance, marking that CSR group's cost management work entered a new stage of cost management in 2007

the higher the cost and salary will be, the more important is management

in September 2000, CSR group was separated and reorganized from the former China Railway Rolling Stock Industry Corporation, and became a wholly state-owned large group company, with 27 subsidiaries, distributed in 10 provinces and cities across the country. If you count the third and fourth level or even lower level enterprises, the total number is about 120. So many enterprises, coupled with the characteristics of multi variety, small batch and long production cycle, improve the management means and management level has become a top priority

"CSR group has set itself a strategic goal to become one of the top five in the global rail transit equipment industry in 2010." Liu Jiang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of finance, said, "while participating in domestic and foreign competition, the domestic natural low-cost advantage is gradually weakening. Looking for more refined management means has become a clear demand for enterprise development."

in 2002, according to the requirements of zhaoxiaogang, the general manager of the group, CSR group began to investigate excellent domestic commercial software suppliers. At that time, most enterprises in the group had used Kingdee software and achieved good results. In order to facilitate the future data integration of the group company, CSR Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Kingdee software in 2003 and began to promote Kingdee k/3 ERP system on a large scale within the group company

"on the basis of the successful implementation of the integration of Finance and logistics, we completed the pilot work of workshop level cost management in Shijiazhuang vehicle factory and South Huitong Co., Ltd." Liu Jiang said, "at that time, the quality of financial and logistics data integration of the two enterprises was high, and the determination and motivation of management reform were relatively strong."

at the beginning of information construction in 2002, Shijiazhuang vehicle factory was just at the critical point between profit and loss, with a profit of 1million yuan to 2million yuan a year. If you are not careful, you may become a loss making enterprise. With the help of ERP system, the total industrial output value of Shijiazhuang vehicle factory increased by 88.72%, the main business income increased by 74.91%, and the total profit increased by 49.39% in three years. In 2005, through the implementation of the cost system, Shijiazhuang vehicle factory subdivided the element costs into 49 categories, accounting the cost management to each vehicle, providing a scientific data basis for all kinds of cost analysis and decision-making. As a listed company, nanfanghuitong has great operating pressure. The previous cost accounting took 10 days. Mode 2: in lactone ring β- The bond between carbon atom and oxygen atom breaks, and the enantiomer can be produced. Through the successful application of the cost system, the report can be produced in 20 minutes. Through the comparative analysis of standard cost and actual cost, we can find problems in procurement, inventory and sales. By solving these problems, we can make the sales quotation more reasonable, and achieve the purpose of improving management at the same time

it is the successful application of these two enterprises that has strengthened CSR group's confidence and made cost management enter the promotion stage smoothly

leap forward and keep moving forward

in July 2006, CSR Group officially proposed the special construction work of "cost digitization". In just half a year, Kingdee k/3 ERP cost management system has been successfully applied in Chengdu Locomotive and rolling stock factory, Meishan rolling stock factory, Luoyang Locomotive Factory, Erqi rolling stock factory, Wuchang rolling stock factory, Wuhan Jiang'an rolling stock factory and Sifang bus repair Co., Ltd

"at that time, we were more worried about Luoyang Locomotive factory because their informatization foundation was relatively weak, but we didn't expect to complete the implementation of the cost management system in November." Liu Jiang laughed, "this has strengthened our confidence."

at the cost system acceptance summary meeting on December 22, according to Gao Qiling, deputy director of the Finance Department of CSR Luoyang Locomotive Factory, the application of Kingdee ERP cost management system improved the efficiency of Finance and cost accounting and the quality of financial management. Since the establishment of the plant, the production process of diesel engine and locomotive has been two independent lines, and the frequency of expenses is inconsistent, resulting in the inaccurate cost accounting of locomotive. The factory requires all diesel engines to confirm which locomotive they are to be installed on when entering the factory, which involves its task principle, including hydraulic loading principle and production process transformation. The leaders in the factory were very supportive, and issued a dead task requiring that the two workshops must be connected, which strongly supported the implementation of the cost system. In addition, the project implementation team has successively solved the problem that the cost accounting of vehicles, society and export products is not based on man hours

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