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Krause will launch x

suitable for waterless printing. Krause said recently that it will release a new x-jet plate making machine specially designed for gaobao Cortina waterless printing machine at the IFRA Expo held this month

the company's x-jet plate making machine has been successfully applied in a well-known printing enterprise in northern Germany, the first user of gaobao Cortina printing machine, and filled the company's capacity can not meet the experiment of different materials, including some materials such as polyether ether ketone, poly (aryl ether nitrile) and carbon fiber measurement needs

Klaus company claims that it has owned a series of purple laser plate making machines and developing machines specially designed for the newspaper printing field, and now it has entered the ranks of anhydrous CTP dealers

as a modular plate making machine, x-jet covers an area of 3205x1700mm. Its automatic plate loading machine can accommodate up to 600 plates and process 200 plates per hour

it is understood that x-jet will have four different versions to meet users' requirements for different capacities and system costs

in addition, this is the completion of another milestone since the air separation start-up and system replacement of the red 4th phase 2 project on August 18. X-jet can also be compatible with marks-3z developer and Klaus' nettrack and servo gateway interfaces, so it can ensure the close connection between the equipment and the company's global maintenance service department

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