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Klaus Maffei developed a high-efficiency XPS plastic foam board extrusion die

XPS plastic foam board has been widely used in building thermal insulation in recent years, usually placed on the side or roof. With the characteristics of low density and high thermal insulation, it has become a upstart in building materials. Krauss Maffei recently developed a new wide extrusion die 600 for the production of foam heat insulation panels, with a plate width of 1200mm

Joachim meyke, head of the company's foam extrusion department, explained: "This new type of wide extrusion die head can provide our users with great flexibility, but it can't run burrs. Especially when some mold cavity finished products haven't fully solidified, it can meet the growing demand for XPS foam plates because there is no specific scale specification for manual operation. In addition, wide foam plates can be cut into standard specifications 600mm along the center, which greatly improves the production capacity, especially for small thickness foam plates."

Klaus Murphy optimized the runner structure in the extrusion die to ensure that the melt is evenly distributed over the entire width. At the discharge end of the die head, the material width expands to mm, and then the thickness of the plate is adjusted to the required value in a special calibration unit, which shows the flexibility of the equipment. The thickness of the plate can vary within mm. At present, the company is developing solutions for high thickness products. The downstream auxiliary equipment is used to cool, punching and press the foam board to the required size. The oil heating/cooling system in zone 4 and the heating tube in the boundary area have extremely high accuracy, so it can quickly heat or cool the wide extrusion die. This feature is very important for improving product quality and shortening the start-up process. The heat shield can prevent the heat from radiating outward

the new wide extrusion die 600 is an ideal component for the schaumtandex twin screw/single screw extruder combination ze/ke with a design production capacity of more than 1000kg/h. Schaumtandex unit is composed of co rotating Ze twin-screw extruder and Ke single screw extruder, which is suitable for processing a wide range of foaming systems, especially environmental friendly foaming systems

in addition to these extrusion equipment, Klaus mafi also provides for the production of width up to 1201 times, which can be completed in sequence after setting; Display mode data and curves are dynamically displayed with the experimental process; After the completion of the experiment, the subsequent processing technology of 0mm XPS foam plate is a complete set of production line technology

the first set of wide extrusion die 600 has been successfully debugged in the iberfibran factory in Portugal, which is subordinate to the family business fibran group. Kostaspsaroulis, director of fibran, said, "the new production line equipped with wide extrusion die 600 has fully met our expectations from the beginning. It has greatly improved the flexibility of production plan and opened up new market areas for the company." Verify whether the automatic tensile testing machine is qualified

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