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Claus mafi successfully developed the world's largest long fiber injection molding system

Romeo rim uses the world's largest long fiber injection molding system and double shuttle mold base system developed by Claus mafi to manufacture agricultural machinery for the production of Polyurethane double sheet roofs. This long-term durable paint surface can be produced automatically by using the in mold paint spraying method (IMP)

economical long fiber injection molding light structure method

Paul condeelis, vice president of business development at Romeo rim, said: "The good mechanical performance and high quality of the long fiber injection molding process make it very suitable for the production of many large components, especially in the field of high-speed automobile production with a narrow speed regulation range. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed or if there is low speed, there will be no high-speed automobile production field. Klaus Murphy is a very suitable partner, and it is the only company in the market that can meet our requirements." The complete two-piece roof has a huge size of 2.5x2.1 meters, covers an area of 5 square meters, but weighs less than 23 kg, and fully meets the requirements of elasticity, durability, light weight and economy. Another contribution of this method is to provide options for the functional integration of the rear side

super large mold base - the core of the system

the center of the system is Klaus mafi super large mold base, with a mold closing area of 3660*3660 square millimeters (12*12 square feet) and a weight of 40 US tons (36 metric tons). The size of the mold base is 22*9.5*5 cubic meters, and the clamping force is 400 tons. When the LFI process and reaction time are carried out simultaneously in the first mold, the second mold can be demoulded to prepare for the new production process. In order to ensure accurate part thickness and repeated production process, the mold base is equipped with 4-axis parallel control, which can ensure that the mold is closed at the same time when the parts are asymmetric or deviate from the mold clamping center

unilaterally provide equipment, manufacturers and automation expertise

the two robots are equipped with the latest long fiber injection mixing head, and the robot can spray paint the bottom mold in advance to prevent fiber overflow. Therefore, the system ensures the good surface quality of high mechanical performance parts and the production activities in a single cycle

large and easy to use

although the size is very large, it is still very simple to operate. A rotating device is installed on the upper formwork closing drum. When the daily maintenance measures of the concrete pressure testing machine are fully opened, the upper formwork can rotate 90 degrees

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