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The secret of kitchen and bathroom hardware: how does the water-saving faucet work?

water faucet in the same year is one of the kitchen and bathroom hardware that families must have, and it also provides a lot of convenience for our daily life. Are you the same? Can't you imagine a daily life without it? You can see washing clothes, washing, cooking, etc. 1 Adjust the figure of the experimental device faucet, which controls the water pulse of the whole family. It can be seen that the choice of faucet is very important. With the promotion of smart home, the faucet has also launched a "water-saving" type, but do you know why water-saving faucets save water? Let's see how it works

main application technology - bubbler

generally, water-saving faucets should be equipped with a bubbler, which is similar to the air injection technology. The difference is that the bubbler allows the water flow to be fully mixed with the air after it comes out, so that the water flow has a foaming effect and improves the scouring force, so as to effectively reduce water consumption and save water

1. The flow value and water supply time are limited

what is the basis for whether the faucet saves water? According to the new standard of water-saving sanitary ware, the flow range of washbasin, body purifier, washer faucet and non-contact faucet is 2.0-7.5l/min, and the water supply volume when the self closing faucet is opened for a time delay is ≤ 1.0L. In terms of product development, the water supply when it is opened for a time extends from the simple production of aluminum alloy bars to plates, profiles, high-end electronic profiles, rail transit light-weight composite metals, etc. in recent years, it has been 4s-6s. When choosing a water-saving faucet, Don't forget to measure the flow value and water supply time of the faucet

2. Look at the valve core and water outlet effect

the water-saving faucet is qualitatively different from the old faucet in terms of valve core and foaming effect. Most water-saving faucets use ceramic valve core to improve the sealing performance and achieve the effect of opening and closing hundreds of thousands of times without leaking a drop of water; There are countless fine foam in the water, and the water flow is soft and comfortable like fog. It can filter the impurities in the water without splashing everywhere. This is the role of the bubbler

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