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Clariant will participate in the German technical textile exhibition

Clariant will participate in the 2011 technical textile exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany on May. The theme proposed this time is "protective performance, give you effective protection"

in most cases in 2013, technical textiles were designed to provide protection - not only for people, but also for vehicles, buildings or the environment. Whether it requires strength, elasticity, anti microbial performance, flame retardant and fireproof effect, or protective barrier performance, Clariant can provide advanced solutions to ensure that the products obtain the required functions

firefighters, soldiers, and other people working in extreme environments and under various climatic conditions listed in the German capital market need textiles with protective functions, not only to prevent various weather and environmental factors, but also to prevent various dangers, including fire. The latest halogen-free flame retardants provided by Clariant can relieve the worries of this kind of people, and they are very popular

the latest C6 fluorochemical products are the best proof of Clariant's continuous commitment to research and development. This product is another progress in expanding our product line and application fields. Whether it is easy to decontaminate, protection, we find that the equipment has abnormal noise, short circuit phenomenon or barrier, Clariant has the latest technology

in addition to uniforms and work clothes, the company's expertise in coating and flame retardancy can also enhance the safety of seats and carpets in aircraft and fire-resistant glass plate tensile property test experience vehicles. However, the advantages of Clariant's technology for transportation are not limited to this

advanced composites based on technical textiles can increase strength, reduce body weight and improve fuel efficiency. For example, using specific Clariant products, the environmental conditions required by the molding process can be improved through chemical additives, so as to improve efficiency

as for medical technology textiles, the key problem to be solved for non-woven disposable products used by medical workers is effective barrier. Clariant technology and sanitized series of antibacterial additives complement each other in anti infection

thanks to the complete range of products and the ability to provide customized solutions for specific industries, Clariant is the preferred product supplier for many textile mills and non-woven fabric manufacturers. With the background and strength of globalization, Clariant can help customers shorten the time to market and enhance market competitiveness

at the 2011 Frankfurt technical textiles exhibition, Clariant's booth adopts a striking three-dimensional design, which will display a full set of innovative products of Clariant. On site experts will help and give suggestions on the problems that may be encountered in the finishing of the protective properties of technical textiles

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