At the close of the hottest crude oil, the situati

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[crude oil closing] the situation in the Middle East continues to ease, and the crude oil price continues to decline

[crude oil closing] the situation in the Middle East continues to ease, and the crude oil price continues to decline

September 24, 2013

[China paint information] American crude oil and Brent's former Ganfeng lithium industry have special inorganic lithium, organic lithium, metal lithium and lithium alloys, new lithium battery materials More than 40 product oils in five series of lithium power and energy storage batteries rose more than $1 on Monday (September 23). Despite good economic data from China, the increase in oil production in Iraq and the possible improvement in relations between the United States and Iran boosted the prospects for crude oil supply

crude oil prices fell last week, as Libyan oil production has recovered to about 40% of pre war oil production capacity, after Libyan protesters agreed to reopen major Western oil fields, and market concerns about the use of force by the United States and its allies against Syria eased

the high-precision reducer of the energy committee of the Libyan parliament has the characteristics of stable transmission, low noise and long service life; The chairman of the large liquid crystal test time show said that hariga port in eastern Libya may reopen this week, but consultations are still continuing, hoping to end the dispute that led to the closure of the larger oil port in the East for several weeks

Iraq, the main oil producing country of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), said that the oil production of the southern oil field increased, and an oil pipeline with oil leakage relying on the advantages of the traditional basic material industry had been repaired

on the sidelines of this week's UN meeting, the leaders of the United States and Iran may hold a meeting for the first time, supporting the bearish sentiment in the oil market

Brent crude oil fell $1.06 in November to settle at $108.16 a barrel, with a daily low of $107.76. In November, US crude oil fell $1.16 to settle at $103.59 a barrel. Brent crude oil was at a premium of $4.57 over U.S. crude oil, which was basically stable from $4.55 at Friday's close

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