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Kingdee Buke smart factory solution unveiled at the Industrial Expo Shanghai, November 3, 2016 -- on November 3, Kingdee International Software Group and Buke Automation Co., Ltd. held a smart factory solution press conference with the theme of intelligent manufacturing to create a new economy at the 18th China International Industry on the right side of the parallel line Expo (Shanghai). This is an upgrade release in the face of the Chinese market after the first appearance of the smart factory solution of Kingdee and Kinco at the Hannover Industrial Expo in April this year

Tang Dong, chairman of Buke automation (left), and Xu Shaochun, founder of Kingdee group with blocked plunger movement (right)

the core values of the smart factory solution are as follows:

first, super transparent management mode: open up the relationship between people, systems, and equipment, realize global awareness, clear day and finish day, so that the factory can better understand customers and serve customers

2. Super flexible production mode: flexible reorganization production with cellular production units, and small batch parallel production to improve speed and achieve the goal of balanced production

III. super intelligent operation mode: it has the ability to calculate complex needs, and can adjust the plan according to its own needs to meet the requirements of customers with complex needs for lean production

under the impact of sharing economy, social applications, mobile applications, Omni channel marketing, Kingdee and Buke hope to not only help manufacturing enterprises improve efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize process control; Through the combination of software and hardware solutions, small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises can be liberated from the confinement of management mode, production mode and operation mode, so that each small batch of makers can easily complete the two biased stress experiments of tension and compression, and realize the manufacturing and production of a variety of products, so as to stimulate the creativity of the manufacturing industry and redefine intelligent manufacturing

Mr. Tang Dong, chairman of Buke automation, said that the smart factory must be based on data, and the data and intelligence of equipment are more important. To build an intelligent, small and beautiful cloud factory, so that every manufacturing enterprise can realize data sharing, efficient collaboration, and iterative production of hardware in the cloud, is the ultimate goal of Kingdee and Buke

Mr. Xu Shaochun, founder of Kingdee group, said that Kingdee and Buke have accumulated products for many years in the manufacturing field, and this industry itself also breeds great market opportunities. The most important factor in the change of management mode is people. The smart factory solution jointly created by the two sides will help more Chinese enterprises break through the management bottleneck and focus on product innovation, so as to activate innovative new humans in the manufacturing industry

the smart factory solution has obtained practical certification in many enterprises in Ningbo, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen and other places in the past six months. The demonstration factory under Buke has also achieved significant benefits in customer delivery time, manufacturing cost, inventory turnover, capital occupation, space utilization and other aspects through this scheme

about Kingdee

Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd. (Kingdee International or Kingdee) was founded in 1993. It is a listed company on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 0268), and its headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China. As a result, conscience, following the right path and being king are the core values. Kingdee is committed to becoming the most trusted big data service company. It has provided management software products, cloud services, Internet Finance and other services for more than 6million enterprises, governments and other public organizations worldwide, with more than 60million users

as a leading enterprise interconnection supplier in the Asia Pacific region, Kingdee is at the forefront of the industry in ERP, financial sharing, human resource management, industry solutions and other fields, and has steadily ranked first in the ERP market for small and medium-sized enterprises for 12 consecutive years; Kingdee's many products, ERP, cloud ERP and many industries and fields are in the forefront, including cloud home (mobile office), Kingdee medical (mobile Internet hospital), express 100 and so on. Kingdee middleware is also a model of national software in the forefront of the world

about Buke

Buke automation focuses on the R & D, production, sales and technical services of automation standard products and intelligent hardware products, and is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. Founded in 1996, the company relies on industrial human-machine interface HMI, servo system, stepping system, programmable logic controller PLC, low-voltage frequency converter and other standard automation products to go deep into the industry and provide overall solutions for global industrial automation equipment manufacturers. In 2015, Buke released a small batch of efficient intelligent manufacturing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, launched on-site intelligent terminals, intelligent electronic Kanban, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse and other products, and won the 2015 China manufacturing annual innovation enterprise award in the same year. In 2016, it may add a protective cover to the electromechanical industry, add intelligent hardware products such as intelligent mobile logistics vehicles, SMD intelligent electronic shelves, intelligent AGVs, and intelligent hoists, and release the latest intelligent manufacturing solutions to the global manufacturing industry at the Hannover Industrial Expo. Buke smart factory solution hardware + software, service to the end, to help customers create a successful small and beautiful smart factory

Buke takes the vision of helping more people generate ideas, helping more ideas become products, and the mission of automation and intelligent products and solutions to help more customers create a successful small and beautiful smart factory. It is a platform to help employees give full play to their creative potential and a partner to help customers achieve success in their innovative operations. We develop products and business with innovative thinking and practical spirit, adhere to our ideals, and expect human creativity to make the world more beautiful

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