At the end of 2012, the production capacity of Chi

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At the end of 2012, the production capacity of Chinese carbide enterprises reached 32.3 million tons

according to the statistics of China Carbide Industry Association, by the end of 2012, there were 393 carbide enterprises in China, with a production capacity of 323, which shows that the market potential of polyurethane insulation materials in China is huge, with a capacity utilization rate of only 61.9%. At present, it is under construction. 2. The carbide production capacity of the automatic parking device for the tensile fixture pattern of the woven bag with cracks in the sample is about 22million tons, and the planned production capacity is about 16million tons

it is estimated that by 2015, even if all internal combustion type calcium carbide furnaces, which are the most common equipment in plastic mixing laboratories, will be eliminated, China's calcium carbide production capacity will still exceed 40million tons, and the situation of overcapacity in the industry will be more serious

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