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How to deal with the waste gas generated by the waste plastic granulator - Fenglv environmental protection

Plastic processing, especially the recycling and recycling processing of waste plastics. All kinds of waste plastics are recycled, sorted, crushed and cleaned, and then sent to the waste plastic granulator for high-temperature melting, filtration and extrusion. To varying degrees, there is waste gas emission, which has become a major source of secondary environmental pollution. If directly discharged without waste gas treatment will seriously pollute the environment, how to deal with the waste gas generated by waste plastic granulator

composite multi-function and high-efficiency smoke eliminator

composite multi-function and high-efficiency smoke eliminator is used together with waste plastic granulator. Combined with standard smoke collection cabin and professional collection pipeline, the smoke removal rate of the smoke eliminator reaches more than 98%, realizing the real environmental protection waste plastic processing

the test items are relatively fixed The high-efficiency smoke remover integrates the compound hydrolysis smoke removal system, water ring vacuum smoke removal system, micro filtration smoke removal system, multi-stage odor removal system and a number of automatic monitoring and control systems. It has a variety of uses for smoke removal, steam removal, odor removal, dust removal and particle removal

biological treatment

the tail gas produced in industrial production enters the dust removal system for deodorization treatment, and the solid particles are removed before entering the deodorization device. In the deodorization device, the odor components in the tail gas are degraded and purified under the action of specially cultivated microorganisms, and then discharged into the atmosphere

biological method is to treat and degrade odorous waste gas through microorganism and biofiltration technology, biodegrade inorganic substances, volatile organic compounds and other pollutants in the waste gas, and finally convert them into non-toxic and harmless CO2 and H2O, so as to achieve the purpose of purification

waste gas treatment of plastic granulator is mainly used for waste gas treatment in industrial production, and the purification equipment of odor purification project has fast operation speed

1. In the process of daily use, microbial deodorization does not consume any power except some air resistance, which is very energy-saving

2. In addition to replacing and supplementing the filler and microbial strains once a year or so, there is no other maintenance cost. The task of energy conservation and pollution prevention in the process of treating the tail gas into a plastic granulator is particularly urgent and extremely low

3. The whole system works under negative pressure and no tail gas escapes

the above is the analysis of how to treat the waste gas generated by the waste plastic granulator introduced by Fenglv environmental protection waste gas treatment manufacturer. I hope it can provide you with experimental reference

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