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How to deal with grinder vibration

when grinding precision molds, the most headache may be the vibration of the grinder. Because the vibration of the machine tool directly affects the effect of mold processing, such as waviness and surface finish. If it is precision molding and grinding, making accessories such as fixture tooling with rich plug-ins, load force sensors, deformation measurement sensors, and cutting grooves, the machine vibration can't repair the grinding wheel at all, because sometimes the grinding wheel needs to be trimmed to 0 With a thickness of 13mm, the grinding wheel is almost transparent. If the grinder has a slight vibration and other unstable factors, the grinding wheel will explode. So how should we deal with and prevent the vibration of the surface grinder

first, check the ground level. It is often said that the stability of the building depends on whether the foundation is well laid? The same is true of machine tools. If the anchor screw level is not adjusted properly, it will cause resonance of machine tools. Sometimes the ground flatness of the processing site is not very good, so we need to adjust the horizontal screws to make the machine reach an uneven height. First, we need to check whether each screw of the anchor is in place in the floor mat. Use a level gauge to check whether the front and back, left and right are horizontal. OK, lock the screws

second, if the above actions are carried out, and the vibration has not been eliminated, we should check whether it is due to the virtual space of the ground floor. If the ground is terrazzo or the paved floor block is relatively solid, if it is cement ground, the ground is very virtual and will cause resonance. How to deal with this situation? Don't worry, go to the rubber hardware store to buy some black rubber mats, about mm thick, 10 cm in size and a slightly larger size of the floor mats. Loosen the anchor screws and place the rubber mats under the horizontal floor mats, which can play a great shock absorption function. Add different formulas

third, if the vibration is still not eliminated after the above actions, we need to check the grinding machine sanding and the fixed flange of the grinding wheel. The first is the grinding wheel. Due to the uneven quality of the grinding wheel on the surface of the city's measured experimental data, there are generally two factors affecting the vibration of the grinding wheel: first, the particle size of the grinding wheel is uneven, and the center of gravity is unstable when it rotates, causing vibration; Second, the inner hole is not standard and too large. For example, the flange aperture of our grinder is required to be 31.75, and if the grinding wheel is 32, it will jump up and down and cause vibration, so we must ask the specification when buying the grinding wheel. I suggest you buy the grinding wheel better, because the poor grinding wheel will affect the processing effect; Secondly, it is easy to crack and explode in the process of machining and grinding; The poor balance effect of the grinding wheel will seriously affect the service life of the grinder spindle. Then there is the fixed flange of the grinding wheel. When you lift the flange, everyone will think of effective balance. In fact, the flange of small precision hand grinder does not need effective balance. The premise is that you must use imported precision flange. Generally, when you buy a new flange, there are three small balancing blocks on it. You remove it, and the flange is directly installed on the grinding wheel. Then repair it, and the grinding wheel will be naturally balanced. Buy more flanges and install grinding wheels of different specifications, In this way, it will save time and improve efficiency next time. Back to the original question, if there is vibration, it may be the above reasons. Try changing a grinding wheel, or if your flange has installed the balance block without effective balancing, then remove the balance block and install it. If not, try changing a new flange, and the general problem will be solved

the fourth is the processing environment. It is impossible to place machine tools with large vibration such as punch and lathe near the same work site of precision surface grinder, which is easy to cause co vibration. How to judge is very simple. You just need to stop the grinder and start the punch or lathe. If you touch the grinder with vibration or numbness, it will be affected. The treatment method is to place them separately in the workshop

fifthly, if you still fail to eliminate the vibration after performing the above series of actions, it may not be the scope you can deal with. It may be that the spindle of the grinder has been used for a long time and vibrates itself, and the inner bearing or motor is broken. It may also effectively extend the pressure holding time and increase the cavity pressure. There are problems in the structure and assembly of the machine tool, so you need to notify the manufacturer to deal with them

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