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How to deal with uneven paper on both sides

uneven quantitative paper banners are mainly caused by uneven flow rate and uniformity of slurry into the tank headbox, uneven overflow slurry speed and uneven outflow of white water on both sides of the tank. Generally, the flow velocity of the tank wall lags behind the central part slightly, especially when the tank wall is rough and the amplitude gate is wide; In addition, the inlet pipe orifice is not in the central part, and the headbox structure is unreasonable. The following measures can be taken in papermaking:

(I) add clean water to dilute the concentration of local paper stock solution and reduce the tendency of large local slurry hanging

(II) movable arc plate groove, which can adjust the distance between the movable arc plate and both sides of the sub. This distance must be adjusted properly, which has a great impact on the evenness of the paper. If the distance is too close, the pulp speed will exceed the speed, making the paper appear thin; The water leakage experiment of too far uniformity is that it is not good to inject 1/5 volume of clean water into the plastic bag, and the paper sheet presents the phenomenon of flake or flower. Generally, the weight on the side of the paper web is large, and the distance between the arc board and the cage is shortened; On the contrary, it should be widened

(III) adjust the distance between the two sides of the rubber skirt under the spray plate, that is, increase or reduce its side to achieve the purpose of adjusting the thickness and uniformity of the paper, and also cut the rubber skirt into an arc shape to overcome the disadvantage of thick in the middle and thin on both sides of the paper

(IV) the lifting adjusting plate on the headbox (with a computer grid knife) can adjust the single side ration of paper. The adjusting plate rises. The flow rate of the paper liquid in this section slows down and the scouring effect decreases, while the paper liquid in other places increases the sizing, that is, the quantity in this section is increased as the trim strip or other decorative components in the central console or instrument panel

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