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Analysis of the impact of the financial crisis on three types of enterprises in the machine tool industry

it has been a full anniversary since the 2008 financial tsunami on Wall Street in the United States. During this year, the crisis spread to almost every corner of the world, with a wide area, great intensity and profound impact, which can be called the most in the past 100 years. Although it should be installed on the basis of concrete, it is relatively late for China's machine tool industry to begin to feel the financial crisis, so far, the impact of the crisis has fully blossomed

the impact of the crisis on enterprises in the machine tool industry. According to the product situation of enterprises, the full load of enterprises is only 5N technology development capacity). The reason: different enterprises have different competitiveness. Wu Bailin, the executive vice president of China Machine Tool Industry Association, divides the whole industry of machine tools into three types of enterprises:

first category: some enterprises have strong technological innovation ability, good enterprise foundation and high starting point of product technology; There are some heavy machine tool enterprises, the market is relatively good, the impact is naturally small, and the sales of some enterprises are not down, but up. Such enterprises account for about 30% of the surveyed enterprises

the second category: there are a large number of enterprises, accounting for about 60% of the surveyed enterprises, involving high, medium and low-grade products, and large, medium and small product specifications. With the obvious decline in the demand for ordinary, medium and low-grade machine tools, the economic indicators of these enterprises have declined year-on-year compared with 2008, with different declines. However, due to the timely and active adaptability adjustment of the enterprise, the effect is relatively obvious, and the business state can still be maintained

the third category: there are still some enterprises, the original starting point is not high, and the technological development and product innovation in previous years are not enough; The production capacity of low-grade products is large, and the high-grade products are seriously insufficient. At present, the business situation is difficult, and some enterprises are even in the state of semi shutdown. Such enterprises account for about 10% of the total number of enterprises surveyed

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