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How to defend against intelligent electric network attack

Bai Jianhua, deputy chief economist of the Energy Research Institute of the State Grid Corporation of China and director of the Institute of energy strategy and planning, said that the original goal of building three vertical and three horizontal lines in 2015 was adjusted to two vertical and two horizontal lines, slightly delayed, but the construction cycle of UHV lines is not long, about 2 years/line, and it is expected that the goal of five vertical and five horizontal lines can be achieved in 2020

Zhang Gaoli, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, said a few days ago that the development of UHV can promote the energy development in the western and northern regions and transmit it to the load center in the East and central regions, which is conducive to coping with smog

UHV construction is relatively slow this year, only one line has been approved, and the continuous aggravation of haze weather is expected to speed up UHV construction

Zhang Gaoli said at the China Europe Cities Expo a few days ago that China's hydropower, wind energy and solar energy are mainly distributed in the western and northern regions. The development of UHV can promote the energy development in these regions. In late September, it will be held in Chongqing, and they will be continuously transmitted to the East and central load center, Wang Xianhong, a researcher at the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an interview with China Science Daily

Liu Zhenya, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of State Grid Corporation of China, recently pushed twitter high voltage technology. The long signed article "smart electricity and the third industrial revolution" published by Liu Zhen on December 5 pointed out that the development of smart electricity should accelerate the breakthroughs in key links, speed up the construction of UHV frame as one of the breakthrough points, focus on the construction of UHV synchronous power in North China East China Central China, and strive to build five vertical and five horizontal UHV AC frame and 27 circuit UHV DC project by 2020, with a large-scale allocation capacity of 450million kW power, Meet the needs of sending and consuming 550million kilowatts of clean energy

the book UHV AC and DC compiled by Liu Zhenya was launched on December 6. The book puts forward that building strong smart electricity with UHV as the backbone is the fundamental solution to the deep-seated contradiction between energy and power development, and can meet the urgent needs of large-scale development of all kinds of large-scale energy bases and new energy

at present, a total of 6 UHV lines, 2 AC and 4 DC, have been built and put into operation in China, including 2 AC lines built by the state (Southeast Shanxi - it displays the final test results in the form of curves or statements on the microcomputer by controlling the normal operation of the electronic tensile testing machine; Nanyang Jingmen, Huainan Shanghai), 2 DC lines (Xiangjiaba Shanghai, Jinping Southern Jiangsu), and 2 DC lines built in the South (Yunguang, Yunnan Puer Jiangmen, Guangdong); A total of 3 UHV lines are under construction, i.e. North Zhejiang Fuzhou AC lines and South Hami Zhengzhou and Xiluodu Zhejiang DC lines

there are five UHV lines, including three AC lines and two DC lines, which are to be approved by the national energy administration, including Huainan Nanjing Shanghai, Ximeng Nanjing, Ya'an Wuhan UHV AC lines, Ningdong Zhejiang, Jiuquan Hengyang UHV DC lines

the smart electricity exercise reproduces the situation that the power control systems of home smart meters, enterprises providing energy-saving services, regional power management stations and substations are connected through networks respectively. The objects of the drill are the operators and managers of the regional power management station

the scenario for the preparation of the exercise is that through interconnection, the computer of the energy-saving service operator is hijacked, and the program of the substation monitoring system is illegally rewritten, so the relevant areas fall into a power outage. These exercise systems were developed by Toshiba. The power control panel and other equipment in the substation are basically the same as the physical object

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