Discussion on several methods of choosing latex pa

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Discussion on several methods of selecting latex paint

discussion on several methods of selecting latex paint

August 3, 2016

[China paint information] the research and development of latex paint in China began in the 1960s, and the real development was in the late 1970s, when it began to be widely promoted and applied in the interior wall, exterior wall, ceiling and other parts of buildings. Over the past ten years, latex coatings have made great progress in terms of product varieties, product levels, production capacity, construction equipment, promotion and application. Especially in recent years, the influx of foreign high-quality products, coupled with the propaganda offensive of some large companies, has greatly improved the popularity of latex coatings and further promoted the development of latex coatings

I. overview:

latex paint is commonly known as latex paint, and its official name is synthetic resin lotion paint. It is a kind of water-based paint prepared with synthetic resin lotion as the base material and added with pigments, fillers and various additives. Only by clarifying its composition can we distinguish the true and false products in the market. At present, there is a kind of low price (the price is only yuan/kg) in the construction paint market, but it is titled with "advanced emulsion", "economic emulsion paint" and other names, and the sales momentum is good. In fact, such products are mainly film-forming substances such as polyvinyl alcohol and even water-soluble resins such as starch. Without or with only a small amount of lotion, they are titled as emulsion paint. They are squeezed by the upstream and downstream. They are fake and shoddy products, causing chaos to the market. This article does not cover such coatings

II. Characteristics of latex paint:

1 Latex coating, with water as the dispersion medium, does not pollute the environment, is safe, non-toxic, and has no fire hazard. It is an environmental protection product

2. The construction is convenient. Consumers can brush or roll coating by themselves, and the construction tools can be cleaned with water

3. The film dries quickly and the construction period is short. Under suitable climatic conditions, sometimes the coating construction can be completed on the same day

4. Good decoration, with a variety of colors and gloss (matte, matte, semi gloss) to choose from, and the decoration is fresh and elegant. For example, the silk emulsion paint, which is more popular in recent years, has a silky matte coating, and the feel is smooth and delicate like silk, which can create a warm atmosphere for the room

5. In terms of maintenance, if you want to change the color, you only need to make a little treatment on the original coating, and then you can apply the refreshed emulsion paint. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, painting latex paint by yourself to change the color of housing has become a family pleasure

although the decoration of latex paint is not as luxurious and magnificent as wallpaper, wood skirt, wood veneer, soft bag and other decorative materials, it is more suitable for the comfortable and warm needs of home decoration. Therefore, latex paint is an ideal material for the decoration of living room walls

III. The gap between different products:

at present, the competition in China's construction paint market is fierce, and foreign latex paint products have entered China one after another. Foreign businessmen have not only brought advanced technology, but also rich marketing experience. Although this is a big impact on the domestic market, it also promotes the improvement of the domestic latex coating level. What are the differences between latex paint products at home and abroad? One of the outstanding advantages of foreign products is the good "can opening effect". After opening the package, it gives people a good impression, with fine and plump appearance, which is similar to paint, high viscosity, uniformity and good fluidity; Another advantage is good construction, large painting area per square meter, strong covering power, flat coating without brush marks, soft color, and good overall decorative effect

domestic latex coating products are comparable with foreign products in terms of the film performance of the selected synthetic resin lotion and the coating prepared with it, and some properties such as water resistance and pollution resistance are also better than foreign products. However, there is still a long way to go in terms of "can opening effect", constructability and coating appearance. After opening the package, there is often a phenomenon of thin on the top and thick on the bottom. Some even have water separation, and there is soft sediment at the bottom. We need to stir it carefully to achieve uniformity. Some products pay attention to the thickening problem from the perspective of NatureWorks, the only company in the United States that can realize the industrialization of polylactic acid in the world, but it affects the fluidity, poor workability, serious coating brush marks, soft colors and poor fullness. Only when we see the gap can we improve the quality. At present, some domestic manufacturers have used foreign additives and other raw materials to solve the above problems, and the latex coating products of some manufacturers have been comparable with foreign products. The physical properties of the products not only meet or exceed the national standards, but also make a qualitative leap in construction performance. The film is flat, with few brush marks and soft color. In addition, compared with foreign products in terms of price, it has great advantages and has a bright future

IV. judgment and identification methods of latex paint:

1 The can opening effect is good, without water separation, starch, rust and mildew

2. The construction effect is good, without brush marks and roll marks, with large unit painting area and good covering power. Covering power refers to the minimum amount of paint evenly painted on the wall surface so that its background color will no longer appear, expressed in grams/square meter. The smaller the value, the better, which means that the amount per unit area is less. In the original national standard GB synthetic resin lotion interior wall coating, this standard is ≤ 250G/m2. Using this index, the coating dosage required for the area to be painted can be calculated

3. The coating will not lose powder, and can be scrubbed with water if there is dirt. This requires that the coating film has certain washability. In the national standard GB synthetic resin lotion interior wall coating, it is stipulated that the qualified product is not less than 100 times, and the first-class product is not less than 300 times. Some products have a washability of up to 2000 times, and the coating does not change. Some products have a washability of only a few times, and the coating will be damaged

4. The color of the coating film is soft and not flowery. To judge the quality of latex coating, we should analyze and comment comprehensively according to various properties, rather than draw a conclusion only based on a certain property. The choice of latex paint should be based on the use, orientation, size and decoration budget of the room to be decorated by consumers to choose products of different varieties and colors

the following problems should be paid attention to when selecting latex paint:

a. try to choose famous brand or branded products, and similar products with national environmental protection product marks should be preferred. The production enterprises of these products have large scale, high output, strict management and guaranteed product quality

b. there should be important marks and data such as trademark, manufacturer's name, production date, weight, etc. on the packaging barrel of latex paint

c. it is best to buy in building materials mall or exclusive stores, which pay more attention to purchase channels and commodity reputation, and the product quality is relatively guaranteed. Don't be greedy for bargains and buy cheap products in some grocery stores

d. check whether the lotion coating has mildew, rust, serious water separation or special smell

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