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Discussion on the slitting and rewinding process of flexible packaging composite film II

electrical device and air source device 1. Electrical device

electrical device is mainly used to control machinery, and does not work without electrical machinery. It needs to be reminded that the personnel who operate the cutting and rewinding of TPU's medical utilization path since its birth should also maintain it. The following shift shall turn off the power supply and notify professionals in time to check and repair if the tracking of the deviation corrector is unstable

2. Air source device

the air source device is mainly composed of air compressor, gas transmission pipe, cylinder, etc. The slitter must maintain the air source setting. It is suggested that the air compressor should be blowdown once per shift, and relevant personnel should repair it in case of failure. The gas transmission pipe shall be wrapped to prevent the cutting quality from being affected by gravity damage

discussion on slitting quality fault

1. it is a typical analysis of the adhesion fault of slitting and rewinding products that can make use of the innovative achievements of the Internet

the adhesion of slitting products means that the film layer is connected with the film layer without separation. In serious cases, the lower film can pull down the ink on the upper film, and the final product will be scrapped. It usually occurs on printed matter without lamination, such as PVC heat shrinkable labels. The

causes of this fault involve printing process and slitting process

printing reasons:

① too much residual solvent and insufficient drying of the ink layer leave hidden dangers for slitting

② additives in the printed materials cause ink stickiness, such as excessive plasticizers

③ the resin of the ink itself has poor heat resistance, causing softening, which affects the cutting quality

④ high printing winding pressure causes adhesion

⑤ low surface tension of printing substrate and poor ink adhesion cause stickiness

corresponding countermeasures:

① the printing shall be fully dried to let the solvent volatilize completely

② the viscosity of hydraulic oil should be adjusted as little as possible with the change of temperature to improve the suitability of the internal auxiliary agent of ink

③ choose ink resin with good heat resistance

④ relax the printing winding tension

⑤ improve surface tension and ink adhesion

reasons for cost reduction slitting

① the unwinding tension is too loose and the winding tension is too tight

② the pressure of the winding pressure roller is too high

corresponding countermeasures:

① adjust the tension and try to keep the same tension between unwinding and rewinding

② reduce the pressure of the pressure roller

2. Poor flatness of slitting and rewinding

causes and Countermeasures:

① uncoordinated tension between unwinding and rewinding. Set the tension to ensure consistency

② the winding core is not smooth and skewed. Replace the smooth roll core

③ there are burrs on the tough edge of the slitting blade. Replace the blade with good toughness

④ the tracking of electric eye correction is unstable. Adjust until it meets the requirements

⑤ unreasonable layout and design of printing patterns. Just rearrange the typesetting design

3. Wrinkle caused by slitting and rewinding

causes and Countermeasures:

① the winding tension is too large. Reduce the winding tension

② the material itself is wrinkled. Find out the reason and take corresponding measures

③ the winding core is skewed. Replace the roll core

development trend of slitting and rewinding

with the development of science and technology, the slitting equipment of flexible packaging has also been greatly improved. At present, China has been able to produce 250-300m/min high-speed machinery. And it adopts full computer control to automatically track and correct the printing or slitting parameters. In case of quality problems, it can alarm or stop automatically. The operator can get the relevant data to be detected from the screen


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