Three opportunities for Henan packaging industry

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Three opportunities faced by the packaging industry in Henan Province

at the 2012 provincial plastic packaging industry working conference just held, Ying Qi, deputy director of Henan development and Reform Commission, made an important speech on the supporting policies for the industrial restructuring of the packaging industry. In his speech, director Ying highlighted the concept of industrial clusters and the historical opportunities brought by the development of industrial clusters to the provincial packaging industry

the packaging industry in Henan Province faces three opportunities. First of all, facing the opportunity of industrial restructuring and accelerating industrial upgrading. In the 12th Five Year Plan of Henan Province, the government put forward a 100 billion yuan industrial plan, including household appliances, kitchen and bathroom, packaging and printing, leather, plastic products, which shows that the packaging industry has been included in the list of key development; Moreover, the embryonic form of industrial agglomeration of the provincial packaging industry has begun to take shape, which provides a guarantee for the great development and prosperity of the provincial packaging industry. Second, the opportunity of undertaking industrial transfer in clusters Electronic information, food, home appliances, furniture, clothing, and shoe-making industries are all consumer goods industries. As an industry closely related to the consumer goods industry, the packaging industry will usher in a rare development opportunity with the arrival of the climax of industrial transfer of the six major consumer goods. Third, the construction boom of industrial clusters in full swing in the province. At present, our province is in a critical period of accelerating the two major leaps and realizing the rise of the Central Plains, which not only has many favorable conditions and positive factors, but also has prominent contradictions and problems such as low industrial level, extensive development mode, intensified resource and environmental constraints. To this end, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, began planning and constructing industrial clusters in 2008, and achieved a smooth transition without impact when switching between various modes. Director Ying said that the cluster area is an effective carrier and important support to promote the coordinated development of the three modernizations, build the three systems, and realize scientific development. It is also a way to implement the scientific concept of development and a strategic breakthrough to change the development mode. Accelerating the planning and construction of agglomeration areas is an objective need to innovate systems and mechanisms and cultivate new advantages in regional competition. It is also a key measure to implement the relevant policies and measures of the state to promote the rise of the central region: 25mm (2) 50mm bandwidth and realize the leap forward and promote the rise

at present, the foundation and system framework of industrial agglomeration areas in Henan Province have been basically formed; The expected effect begins to show that the movable baffle cannot shake the pin on the reversing switch. The industrial agglomeration area is becoming the growth pole of the economic development of cities and counties, the foothold of opening up and investment attraction, the breakthrough of transformation and upgrading, the main channel for urban residents to obtain employment and increase income, and the engine to promote industrialization and urbanization; The ideological understanding of all localities has been deepened and unified, the consciousness of action has been continuously improved, and the work intensity has been continuously increased; The development trend is good

as for the packaging industry, the establishment of industrial clusters can not only realize the conservation and intensification of resources, the public use of supporting facilities, the sharing of resources such as R & D platforms and quality inspection platforms, but also breed a number of leading enterprises in the regional economy and cultivate big brands representing the development of Henan packaging industry, This is of far-reaching significance for our province to transform from a large packaging country to a powerful packaging country according to the stress classification method of steel pipes, which is no longer suitable for the stress analysis of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes

the director should emphasize that in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, efforts should be made to implement and improve, reform and innovate, and enhance capacity in the process of building industrial clusters. First, we should adhere to scientific planning as the basic premise of the construction of industrial clusters; Second, we should adhere to the key measures for the construction of industrial clusters by attracting investment around characteristic leading industries; Third, we should adhere to the improvement of supporting facilities and service system as a strong guarantee for the construction of industrial clusters; Fourth, we should adhere to the intensive and economical use of resources and environmental protection as the necessary threshold for the construction of industrial clusters; Fifth, we should adhere to the integration of industry and city development as an important goal of the construction of industrial clusters; Sixth, we should adhere to the policy support and institutional innovation as the inexhaustible driving force for the construction of industrial clusters

in his speech, director Ying also introduced the policy support for enterprise development, including provincial industrial restructuring funds, support funds for technological transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, funds for industrial revitalization and major projects. As an important supporting industry, the packaging industry itself also needs corresponding supporting facilities. In the upsurge of building industrial clusters, with the support of a series of relevant supporting policies, the packaging industry in Henan Province will usher in a new stage of development

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