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Discussion on promoting the development of high-speed cutting technology in China

discussion on promoting the development of high-speed cutting technology in China

Abstract: high speed cutting technology is characterized by high efficiency, precision and flexibility, and is regarded as a milestone in the field of modern manufacturing technology. This paper discusses the strategic position of high-speed cutting technology in China, the research content of high-speed cutting technology and the construction of relevant research bases from the aspects of foreign research status, domestic existing actual research achievements, current domestic problems and the economic benefits brought by improving cutting speed, so as to facilitate the healthy and rapid development of high-speed cutting technology and provide suggestions for the revitalization of China's machinery industry

high speed cutting technology is regarded as a milestone of modern manufacturing technology because it can greatly save cutting hours and achieve high-efficiency and precision production

1 research status of high-speed cutting technology abroad

high speed cutting technology is based on machine tool structure and materials, high-speed spindle system, rapid feed system, high-performance CNC control system, high-performance tool holder system, high-performance tool materials and tool design and manufacturing technology, high-precision measurement and testing technology, high-speed cutting mechanism High speed cutting technology and many other related hardware and software technologies are integrated on the basis of full development. The research group led by Professor Schultz of PTW at Darmstadt University of technology in Germany and the research group led by Professor Yuanye of Engineering Research Department of Kyoto University in Japan have developed commercialized high-speed cutting machine tools, which enjoy high reputation in German and Japanese business circles respectively

with the strong support of the German government, Professor Schultz worked with 18 enterprises to jointly tackle key problems. From 1984 to 1989, he completed the development of hardware and software related to high-speed cutting machine tools, and his research level exceeded that of the leading United States at that time. In 1993, the appearance of linear motor opened the prelude of high-speed feed, which also made the high-speed cutting technology to a mature application stage. At present, the high-speed machine tools developed by PTW have been applied in many German enterprises. The high-speed vertical milling machining center is a characteristic product of the Institute. The practical spindle speed is 60000r/min. The fastest experimental machine entering our company absolutely meets the needs of customers. The given speed of X, y and Z axes is 60m/min, the acceleration is 2.5G, and the repeated positioning accuracy is ± 1 μ m。 While developing the high-speed cutting machine tool, PTW also conducted in-depth research on the high-speed cutting process, formed systematic theories on the high-speed cutting mechanism research of non-ferrous light metals, composite materials, cast iron and die steel, and optimized the high-speed cutting process with the goal of machining efficiency, machining accuracy and surface integrity of machined parts, which played a great role in guiding the high-speed cutting production. The research contents include chip formation mechanism in the process of high-speed cutting of various materials, optimization of tool materials and cutting parameters, development of cad/cam system for high-speed cutting process, safety design of tool holder system, tool structure design and dynamic balance, tool space posture and tool path control, a small amount of air beam spray cooling technology, etc. The high-speed cutting research results of the Institute have been applied to the manufacture of automotive engines, aircraft frame components and turbine blades

professor Yuanye and 9 enterprises jointly developed the first commercialized horizontal high-speed machining center in Japan in 1996. The spindle speed of the machining center is 30000r/min, the maximum feed speed is 80m/min, the acceleration is 2G, and the repeated positioning accuracy is ± 1 μ m。 At the same time, it is also committed to the research of high-speed cutting process, including high-speed cutting process database, high-speed cutting tool wear and damage mechanism, chip control, high-speed cutting process cad/cam system development and quality control, so as to accelerate the industrialization process of high-speed cutting technology. At present, the research results of Yuanye research office have a significant impact on Japanese business circles and even internationally

2 domestic research results and existing problems of high-speed cutting

China began the research on high-speed cutting machine tools and processes in the early 1990s, which is called glass transition. The research contents include cement lathe bed, ultra-high speed spindle system, all ceramic bearings and magnetic bearings, rapid feed system, non-ferrous metal and cast iron ultra-high speed cutting mechanism and suitable tools, etc. Through the hard work of Chinese scientific and technological workers, significant progress has been made in various key technologies

some single technical indicators can reach the international advanced level. However, high-speed cutting machine tools are highly integrated with many high and new technologies, and can really develop under the drive of certain market demand. At present, there is no domestic high-speed cutting machine tool completely developed by our country that is really used in industrial production. From the machine tool exhibits of the 4th China machine tool and Tool Fair held in Beijing in 1998, we can see the overview of domestic machine tools: the maximum speed of the lathe is less than 3000r/min, the speed of the No. 40 spindle of the machining center is less than 6000r/min, the speed of the No. 50 spindle is less than 4000r/min, and the feed speed is less than 20m/min. The machine tool samples without built-in motor spindle and linear motor are on display, 3 The machining centers on display of tls-j5000 mechanical spring tension and compression testing machine have no physical processing display

high speed cutting is based on the comprehensive development of manufacturing technology. On the one hand, the host structure and numerical control system of numerical control machine tools have higher rigidity, faster movement speed and accuracy, on the other hand, the performance of various tool materials has been significantly improved, as well as the development, promotion and application of new tool materials and coating technology, with more wear-resistant and reliable performance, Cutting tool materials with relatively low prices have become a reliable guarantee for the development of high-tech industries with many policies to support the development of high-speed cutting

China has made many achievements in the research of high-speed cutting technology. Although it cannot form a systematic theory, it has made contributions to promoting the application of high-speed cutting technology after all. At present, China has formed a certain scale in the development and application of ceramic tool materials, fine-grained and ultra-fine grade cemented carbide, coated cemented carbide and ceramics, diamond film coated tools, CVD deposited thick film tools, cubic boron nitride tools, etc., providing suitable tools for high-speed cutting. This research group has done useful work for the localization of cutting tools in the engine high-speed cutting production line of an automobile company, and the direct economic benefits are very considerable; A special end milling cutter is designed and developed for the high-speed milling process of aluminum alloy components of flat tailed upper wall panel of an aircraft company, which has achieved stable, reliable, high quality and remarkable economy

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