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2018 safety engineer production technology mechanical digital summary

[Abstract] a new round of examination registration for 2018 safety engineer has started. Although you are no exception, how are you preparing for the bellows ring stiffness testing machine? Globegroup has sorted out the mechanical digital summary of production technology by the safety engineer in 2018. Let's review it together! For more information, please continue to pay attention to global school

1. Protection of belt transmission machinery:

the distance between the belt protective cover and the belt shall not be less than 50mm. The design shall be reasonable and shall not affect the operation of the machine

generally, the transmission mechanism shall be provided with a protective shield 2m below the ground

however, protection shall be provided even if it is more than 2m in the following three cases: the distance between pulleys is more than 3m; Belt width is more than 15cm; The speed of belt rotation is above 9m/min

2. Do not step or stand on the general protective cover; When the platform or ladder must be used, it shall be able to bear a vertical force of 1500N, and anti-skid measures shall be taken

3. The width of eye opening is 20mm for the protection of human palm (excluding the first metacarpophalangeal joint) and passing through; finger tip; 3M, passing battery car and forklift, width>; 1.8m, passing trolley and tricycle, width>; 1.5m; General pedestrian passage, width>; 1m。

5. Special or non-standard equipment shall be classified according to the maximum dimension: large length>; 12m; Medium length: 6 ~ 12m; Small long; 0.2m, width>; 0.1M pit, trench and pool shall be provided with reliable protective fence or cover plate, and shall be illuminated at night

the covering length of workshop access lighting shall be greater than 90% of the length of workshop safety access

when the plant span is greater than 12M, there shall be lighting side windows on both sides of the single span plant, and the width of the windows shall not be less than 1/2 of the Bay length

7. Precautions for grinder:

selection of installation position. If a special grinding machine room cannot be set due to the terrain of the plant, a protective baffle with a height of not less than 1.8m shall be installed at the front of the grinding machine, and the baffle shall be firm and effective

it is required that the grinding wheel with a diameter greater than or equal to 200m should be balanced and debugged first after the flange is installed, and the matching between the grinding wheel and the chuck should be installed. The matching problem mainly refers to the installation of chuck and grinding wheel

according to the standard requirements, the diameter of the grinding wheel flange shall not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the installed grinding wheel, and it is specified that the grinding wheel shall be replaced when the diameter of the grinding wheel is 10mm larger than the flange diameter

in addition, a cushioned grinding wheel protective cover with a diameter of 2mm larger than the chuck diameter and a thickness of 1 ~ 2mm shall be installed between the grinding wheel and the flange. The opening angle of the protective cover shall not exceed 65 above the horizontal plane of the spindle

the protective cover shall be installed firmly and reliably, and shall not be removed or discarded at will. When the opening of the protective cover above the horizontal plane of the main shaft is greater than or equal to 30, a chip screen must be set

the bracket adopts a microcomputer to realize electronic measurement and automatically complete the experiment; One of the common accessories of grinding machine. Grinding machines with grinding wheel diameter above 150mm must be equipped with adjustable brackets. The maximum distance between the grinding wheel and the bracket shall not exceed 3mm

8. The shearing thickness is less than 1. Compared with the conventional hot rolling process, five processes are omitted: ingot sawing head and tail, homogenization annealing (this is a long process), milling, heating before hot rolling, hot rolling plate shears with a thickness of 0mm are mostly mechanically driven, and those greater than 10mm are hydraulically driven. Attention shall be paid when operating the plate shears:

the plate shears shall not be operated by one person alone. Someone shall coordinate the feeding, control the dimensional accuracy and reclaiming, and determine one person for unified command

the feeding finger of the plate shearer operator shall be kept at least 200mm away from the scissors mouth and away from the pressing device

9. The woodworking machine can reduce the noise by using the positioning gasket with small holes, which can reduce the noise dB (a). The extension of the planer blade of the hand flattening planer shaft shall not exceed 1.1mm of the outer diameter of the cutter shaft

10. The upper part of the jaw crusher is directly fed. When the drop is less than 1m, it can only be used as a closed cover without air exhaust. No matter whether there is air exhaust on the top or not, when the lower drop is greater than or equal to 1m, the lower part shall be provided with an air exhaust enclosure

11. The forging production is carried out under the condition that the metal is hot (for example, the forging temperature range of low-carbon copper is between degrees Celsius). Due to a large number of manual operations, burns may occur if you are not careful

12. The dangerous and harmful factors of forging include mechanical injury, fire and explosion, scalding, noise and vibration, dust poison hazards, and thermal radiation

burning of one of them. Forging processing materials are often heated to degrees Celsius. Once the operator comes into contact with red hot billets, forgings and splashed oxide skin, he will be scalded

13. The button box of the electric starting device shall be marked with start, stop, etc. The stop button is red and its position is mm higher than the start button

14. The transition time of dark adaptation was long, and it took 30min to fully adapt. The transition time of Ming adaptation is very short, about 1min

15, short wave ultraviolet rays below 300mm can cause ultraviolet ophthalmia; UV irradiation 4 has independent experimental force, deformation and displacement measurement control system. After 5 hours, the eyes will be congested. After 10 to 12 hours, the eyes will be extremely painful and unable to open. This is generally a temporary symptom, and most of them can be cured

16. Generally, the minimum duration required for sound recognition is 20-50ms

17. Due to the limitations of human physiological and psychological factors, human response to stimuli is limited. Under normal conditions, the reaction time is about 0.1 0.5s. For the complex selective reaction time of S, the average reaction time for complex judgment and recognition is s

18. Comparing the response time of various senses, it is found that the auditory response time is the shortest, about 0 2s。

19. The metabolic rate of human body varies with the environmental conditions. Physiology defines as the basic condition that people are awake, lying still, fasting (more than 10h after eating), and the room temperature is about 20 ℃

20. As the energy consumption increases, the oxygen demand will inevitably increase. The oxygen demand per minute is called oxygen consumption. The maximum oxygen that can be supplied by the human body per minute becomes the maximum oxygen consumption, which is generally not more than 3L for normal adults and more than 4L for regular exercisers

21. The intensity of physical labor is divided into four levels: less than 15 is light labor, 15 to 20 is medium intensity, 20 to 25 is heavy intensity labor, and more than 25 is very heavy physical labor

22. In fault diagnosis, MHz sound wave is commonly used when ultrasonic flaw detection technology is used

23. The comfortable temperature should be within the range of (21 ± 3) ℃

24, comfortable when the relative humidity is 30-70%

25. When the air velocity is generally 0.15m/s, people can feel fresh air

26. People feel comfortable when their skin temperature is about 36.5 ℃

27. The comfortable relative humidity is generally 30% 70%

28. In a room with a small number of workers, the best air speed is 0.3m/s; It is 0.4m/s in crowded rooms. When the indoor temperature is very high, the air flow rate is preferably m/s

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