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In 2025, 3D printing will create a market value of $4billion

in 2012, the sales volume of 3D printer market will exceed $10billion. According to a recent report by IDTechEx, an international market research institution, the value created by 3D printing market will reach $4billion by 2025. In recent years, 3D printing has attracted wide attention in the world's major media. Manufacturers of 3D printers say that the demand and market for 3D printing are growing rapidly. The growth of 3D printing market is affected by many factors. In recent years, the media have made a lot of publicity on 3D printing technology, which has played a major role in people's better understanding of 3D printing

unprecedented market demand in the application field

medical and dental field

the report said that the highest demand for 3D printing appeared in the medical and dental fields, as well as jewelry, luxury jewelry and construction fields. The medical and dental fields have strong growth potential. The current value is US $141million and will increase to US $868million by 2025. 3D printing will be more and more used in dental and orthopaedic implant manufacturing. There will also be a compound growth rate of 20% in jewelry, design art and architecture

arcamab of Sweden claims that it has produced more than 20000 implants through its electron beam melting technology, and has passed the CE and FDA standards due to their unique yellow and bronze color certification

aerospace and automotive industry

the agency predicts that 3D printing technology will also see strong demand growth in aerospace and automotive manufacturing. 3D printing technology will become an important part of the production process of large companies, and this transformation will be accompanied by a large amount of capital investment

China has not conducted too many commercial activities in the 3D printing market, and the export revenue of Chinese 3D printer manufacturers still exceeds their domestic sales revenue

the report also details the patent certification trends in various technologies and application fields. Chinese universities have conducted rigorous academic research in the field of 3D printing technology, and universities in the United States and Europe are also actively conducting research. However, this academic activity is not usually translated into intellectual property

valence detection; Grid is still a key issue. Some users pointed out that compared with the medium and low-end printers, the price of high-end products has not fluctuated significantly in the market. The cost of 3D printers, which initially cost 1million yuan, has been reduced to half of the original cost, but the sales price has not decreased

CNC machine tools and 3D printing

the report also compares the growth of the 3D printing and computer numerical control (CNC) markets

cnc systems are applicable to target markets similar to 3D printing, such as rapid prototyping, mold, and small batch production and operation. Customers include the aerospace and automotive industries, the medical sector, the dental and jewelry sectors

in terms of turnover cost, many users are very cautious about the selection of materials because the price of materials is so high

the report gives a final conclusion: Although 3D printing technology can not bring about the third industrial revolution, it is undoubtedly a key to improve industrial technology

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