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2018 Gartner global supply chain top 25: Why did Schneider Electric rise again?

with the "customized, sustainable and interconnected supply chain strategy" and the continuous promotion of supply chain digital transformation, in 2018, for the third consecutive year, Shi Jia ranked 12th on the Gartner global supply chain top 25, up five places from last year

who is on the luxury list

gartner has published the global company supply chain rankings since 2005, which has been 14 years. It conducts an annual survey on enterprises whose relative humidity reaches 100%rh and whose middle-aged income is more than 12billion US dollars on the list of Fortune Global 500 and Forbes Global 2000. Gartner's criteria are: the business data of companies selected and participated in by people in the supply chain industry, including ROA (return on assets), inventory turns (inventory turnover), revenue growth (revenue growth) and CSR (Corporate Society)

Unilever, Intel, Nike, Pepsi, Starbucks, BASF...

most of the enterprises in the list are gold in various industries and fields, and their risk aversion has been slowed down; With the strong economic recovery of the United States, Schneider Electric is the only one focusing on (4) no action when turning on the power supply. Please confirm: 1 Enterprises that encounter limited energy efficiency and digital transformation in the field

Shijia's digital transformation supply chain weapon

relevant reports pointed out that among the three major trends of supply chain development, the importance of supply chain digitalization is higher than the adaptability of organization and performance and the development and cultivation of a healthy ecosystem. In 2018, Gartner redefined the digital part of the supply chain as an extended digital supply chain, and defined it as the next stage and new application scenario of supply chain digitalization

in fact, both the digitalization of the supply chain and the extended digital supply chain indicate that "digitalization" will play a more critical role in the future development of enterprises

Schneider Electric uses ecostrux in sheath extrusion to empower factories, logistics centers and buildings, save energy and increase efficiency, focus on innovation, and obtain end-to-end real-time insight across the entire supply chain system through the use of advanced technology. At the same time, the emphasis on earth protection in supply chain operation has become an important reason for Schneider Electric to be listed for three consecutive years

the digital factory is within reach

in order to meet the challenges of efficiency and risk control in the transformation of the manufacturing industry, Schneider Electric has made preparations for the ecostruxure in the industrial field, which is a powerful proof of the digital transformation of industrial customers. In the process of helping customers provide digital and intelligent upgrading, Schneider Electric has also implemented the intelligent manufacturing concept in 25 manufacturing plants in China. In 2018, Schneider Electric Wuhan plant completed the digital upgrade of the whole plant, and the key to the upgrade is "machine consultant"

in only 200 seconds, you can easily understand how Schneider Electric Wuhan factory completes the digital upgrade of the factory through "machine consultant"

with the blessing of "machine consultant", whether your machine is centrally arranged in one workshop or distributed around the world, Shi Jia can provide a portable cloud application, which can be sent to the cloud by means of network or 4G, so as to achieve data storage, processing and display, and achieve more objectives such as operation optimization and business intelligence

ecostruxure includes interconnected products, edge control products, applications, analysis and services. Among them, "machine consultant" is a star product of application, analysis and service

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