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2018 Baidu world: artificial intelligence has accelerated its penetration into the three major industries of the national economy. On November 1, 2018 Baidu World Conference was held in Beijing. With the theme of yes AI do, the conference showed the public a series of cutting-edge technologies, applications and innovative products of artificial intelligence

as a global leader in the field of artificial intelligence, baidu also for the first time comprehensively demonstrated the application of AI in the three basic industries of the national economy, as well as in manufacturing, medical treatment, transportation and other major fields, depicting a better picture of AI life for people. Baidu has also evolved from leading AI technology to leading application landing

it is understood that the commercialization process of Apollo has accelerated again after the production of Apollon, the world's first L4 level autonomous minibus, which Baidu cooperated with Golden Dragon Bus in July this year. At the meeting, Robin Lee, the founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, and xuliuping, the chairman of FAW, jointly announced the mass production plan of the first L4 level autonomous passenger car in China: in 2019, a small number of parts such as interior trim strips, door handles, rear-view mirrors, exterior trim strips, bumper lower guard plates and so on can be used for off-line demonstration operation, and more cities can be put into operation in large quantities in 2020

at this Baidu World Conference, baidu not only released a series of intelligent transportation solutions including vehicle road coordination, valet parking, etc., but also announced the launch of Baidu AI City ACE ACE plan (autonomous driving, connected road, effective city). This is a full stack solution platform based on Baidu's globally leading technologies and capabilities such as auto driving Apollo, intelligent cloud, baidu brain, etc, Create a city level platform ecology. Robin Lee said that Baidu AI city will take the lead in landing in Beijing and Shanghai. Beijing will become a model for intelligent governance of super large cities, while Shanghai will explore and build an intelligent new city with the concept of advance

in addition, Baidu dueros has also made important progress. The focus on technology strategy has enabled Baidu to continue to take the lead in AI technology. At this conference, Robin Lee presented dueros' new generation of voice interaction technology endless conversation, which raised the naturalness of intelligent voice interaction to a new level. In addition, the Xiaodu series of intelligent hardware products have been comprehensively upgraded, and the new Xiaodu intelligent speaker pro and the innovative Xiaodu voice mobile bracket have been launched. By October, the number of dueros devices activated had exceeded 150million, and the number of monthly active users had reached 35million; Xiaodu series ranked first in the month on month growth of shipments in China's smart speaker market, and its market share increased from 7% in the second quarter to 24% in the third quarter

Baidu AI also drives the strong growth of new mobile services. The number of daily active users of Baidu app has reached 160million. Baidu feed flow has become the largest information flow product in the industry. High quality video accounts for 20% of search results, and the video strategy has made significant progress. The smart applet launched in July this year has also achieved rapid development, reaching 23 major industries and covering 262 sub sectors. The just released financial report shows that based on the in-depth learning, mining and insight into the interests of users, the scale effect of Baidu products is prominent. In September, the monthly activity of more than 20 apps of Baidu family (excluding duplicate user data) reached 990million, a year-on-year increase of 28%

in this world conference, baidu handed over the report card of AI in the three basic industries of the national economy. In agriculture, farmers use the agricultural remote sensing intelligent monitoring system cooperated by Baidu cloud and Maifei technology, introduce the calculation of the important role of edge hydraulic oil on the universal testing machine, implement intelligent monitoring on crop diseases and pests, and complete precise application, which can reduce the use of pesticides by 50%. Baidu is making use of AI capability to improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural production, make good use of Chinese grain and serve the Chinese bowl

ai has ushered in new development opportunities for the primary industry, and is also helping the secondary industry to further flourish. The unmanned autonomous excavator cooperated by Baidu and Tuojiang is the world's first engineering equipment with a low-cost, mass production solution based on visual technology. Realize less people/unmanned in engineering projects, and realize intelligent construction. Using Baidu's unmanned excavator can reduce the labor cost by 40% and increase the project income by 50%. AI oriented manufacturing will liberate manpower, activate industries, and lead the transformation from made in China to intelligent manufacturing in China

in the tertiary industry represented by medical services, Baidu has launched an AI fundus screening machine with the help of artificial intelligence technology to help patients screen in more grass-roots, remote places where ophthalmologists can not reach, so as to find out the risk of blindness as soon as possible and seek medical treatment in time. At the conference, Robin Lee also announced that Baidu public welfare foundation would donate Baidu AI fundus screening all-in-one machine, which would be applied to medical points in 500 poor counties across the country, and was expected to cover 56million people at risk

artificial intelligence is an important driving force for the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, and is having a significant and far-reaching impact on economic development and social progress. As the leader of huangshixin, associate professor of Jianxing University of science and technology, China's artificial intelligence, baidu actively promotes AI technology innovation and industrial implementation. With the deep integration of artificial intelligence and major industries of the national economy, AI will bring us a better life and world of corkgel and natural oil

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