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2019 can not only protect the housing structure, but China is expected to take the lead in realizing the 3D printing house with bags

in the global information age, printing houses with 3D technology is no longer a new thing, but there has been no precedent before to print houses that are truly suitable for human habitability on a large scale. However, this grand dream is expected to be first realized in China in 2019

recently, Beijing Huashang Luhai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huashang Luhai"), the world's first "commercial" enterprise that has achieved the largest output of 3D building printing, announced that after years of technology research and development and engineering practice, Huashang Luhai has now formed a set of "3D building printing" overall solutions that can fully comply with the existing national construction specifications and standards. In 2019, the company will cooperate with all Chinese real estate construction enterprises to make Chinese consumers the first to live in 3D printing houses

as a new building method, 3D printing house can not only save 30%-60% of building materials, shorten the construction period of the project by%-70% of 50 alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel), cold working die steel, etc., and reduce people's requirements for fixtures by 50%-80% compared with the traditional building method. At the same time, it can also greatly reduce construction safety hazards and project pollution. Therefore, relevant national departments have been vigorously supporting the popularization and application of this technology in recent years

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