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5000/5100 YSI 5000/5100 laboratory dissolved oxygen/bod measuring instrument

advanced laboratory BOD analyzer YSI 5000 series laboratory dissolved oxygen analyzer, together with advanced self stirring BOD analysis probe and the BOD analysis software exclusively owned by YSI, realizes the automation, accuracy and standardization of laboratory BOD analysis

● traditional BOD dilution test method, 5000 series instruments cooperate with YSI's dissolved oxygen/bod probe, the instrument generally conforms to the national standard hj/t standard, and the dissolved oxygen measurement conforms to the national standard electrochemical probe method GB standard, BOD measurement fully conforms to the national standard GB standard

● extremely advanced laboratory dissolved oxygen meter + self stirring BOD probe method (BOD analysis software due to the particularity of the fixture structure, sometimes it is difficult for us to determine which kind of fixture is more suitable for the sample)

● automatically stir the BOD electrode, which can be operated with one hand

● it is necessary to replace the oil pipe with higher strength. BOD analysis software can be selected to realize the automation of BOD test, Realize data automatic storage, BOD automatic calculation and print report; Supersaturated samples and temperature out of range warning

● rapid mass testing

● mixing makes the yield point difficult to identify; After all, it depends on whether the adjustment of the lifting guide wheel is strong, so as to ensure the accuracy of the test data

● constant mixing rate and good reproducibility

● built-in mixer, without additional mixing tools, saving time and convenience

● using 5906 type cover film: you can call the relevant person in charge of DuPont to preset the pre tensioned permeable film to avoid human error due to improper installation

● no zero drift, no zero adjustment

● membrane integrity monitoring, When the film is damaged, the instrument automatically warns

● it can store 100 groups of readings with date and time tags

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